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  1. Same problem. I am going to try to get the dump file now. It just recently started...I posted about this earlier.
  2. Right now, it is just lagging at "Not Responding" after each instance of starting Resilio Sync. Been using this program for years and now this pops up.... Any suggestions are appreciated thank you!
  3. Resilio Sync just crashes now on windows 10 for me. Should I roll back to a previous version and sit this one out? Any suggestions? Thanks.
  4. Hello all at Resilio, I am writing to let you know that ever since the most recent update 2.5.12, the resilio sync after each start takes really long and lags and sometimes gets unresponsive when just starting up the sync program. This has not happened before and only recently started acting up. Is there anything I can do to maybe "optimize" this program or is there some setting I am missing. Can you please direct me to the right resource or location so I can resolve this. Been using this program since BitTorrent Sync and it has come a long way. Appreciate any help on t
  5. Hello all, Ever since the most recent update, the Resilio Sync at initial startup has been extremely slow and the screen of the program freezes. Such as Not Responding message. Give it a few seconds and it loads all the folders that are being in synced. Any one else that has this issue??
  6. Hello all, Long time user of this program. Great stuff. I am running Win10 64 Bit. The program is extremely slow now on startup now. I have 16gb ram. i7 4770k. I dont think hardware is the problem here. Each time I start resilio sync, the resilio sync "freezes" and then it will unclog. Does anybody have this problem??