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  1. I can't help but think there must be a sticky for this, but sorry, can't find any prior similar. Hoepfully a simple question - I have a hoard of sync devices and they (all I think) are reporting over 1k missing files. I suspect they are nothing critical, but it would be good to know which machine they were on before they vanished. The 'error list' doesn't seem to tell me this, so my question is that - When you have no source peers for missing files, where can I find any record of where these files were seen before they went missing? I know where I can see the list of files, but I want to know the peer that list came from! Thaks for any help.
  2. I see what you mean - I had been tempted to do something like that with a BT share inside a Dropbox share - resisted temptation... All good, wish it would let me 'Like' your post, but I maybe haven't enough reputation yet... Thanks anyway.
  3. Ah... superb, Thanks Moe. I shall try that. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by nesting, but I think I may be trying to setup things exactly as you mean - UN-nested. I'm moving the folder out of my main volume (alongside everything else) and into a volume (same pool) of its own. I have everything synced elsewhere, so hopefully no major data loss issues! I will try will an irrelevant folder first though! <Update already> - It prompts that the new linked folder is not empty (which you have to click to accept), and then seems ok... It was hard to say if it didn't re-sync anew, so I put a big file in there and did it again - much quicker than the sync after I put the big feel in, so it would seem you are absolutely right - not that I doubted you! Checked a few syncs, all good! Thanks for the advice. Martyn
  4. I want to move my folders to another shared folder on my QNAP server (same Volume). Any idea the best way to do this? - I'm assuming it isn't smart enough to follow the move automatically like my Mac does! I wonder if I might have to completely start over? Thanks for any pointers if there is a better way...