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  1. I see what you mean - I had been tempted to do something like that with a BT share inside a Dropbox share - resisted temptation... All good, wish it would let me 'Like' your post, but I maybe haven't enough reputation yet... Thanks anyway.
  2. Ah... superb, Thanks Moe. I shall try that. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by nesting, but I think I may be trying to setup things exactly as you mean - UN-nested. I'm moving the folder out of my main volume (alongside everything else) and into a volume (same pool) of its own. I have everything synced elsewhere, so hopefully no major data loss issues! I will try will an irrelevant folder first though! <Update already> - It prompts that the new linked folder is not empty (which you have to click to accept), and then seems ok... It was hard to say if it didn't re-sync anew, so I put a big file in there and did it again - much quicker than the sync after I put the big feel in, so it would seem you are absolutely right - not that I doubted you! Checked a few syncs, all good! Thanks for the advice. Martyn
  3. I want to move my folders to another shared folder on my QNAP server (same Volume). Any idea the best way to do this? - I'm assuming it isn't smart enough to follow the move automatically like my Mac does! I wonder if I might have to completely start over? Thanks for any pointers if there is a better way...