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  1. I really wish btsync had better features with the free client that would allow friends and family to selective sync what I share with them when I use the pro version. In my opinion, requiring many licenses to use selective sync is fine for businesses or enterprises, but for the private individual like myself it doesn't work. I would have to buy 20 or 30 licenses and tell each one of my friends and family to use them (or risk overfilling their 500gb hard drive with my 4tb share). I'd rather purchase a single "pro license for individual" or call it the "pro plus license for individual" and charge more for it. I would gladly pay a subscription fee or a larger one time price to be able to do this with btsync. Its like an analogy between winzip and btsync, were my friends and family cannot open a zipped the file I sent them because they haven't purchased winzip.
  2. Is it possible to share a very large folder (with many subfolders/files within) with family/friends without having them sync the whole thing? The Selective Sync feature seems to do just this, but sounds like it required each one of my friends/family members to purchase a pro license? The large folder is several terabytes in size so it is out of the question that they sync the whole folder. The idea is to share this folder as read only so that they are able to see all the subfolders - and only sync the subfolders they want. I'm sure that not all of them will want to purchase the pro license, hence my question. I want to make sure the free version will work for all my friends/family before I purchase a pro license for myself.