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  1. The Resilio Sync team was able to analyze the logs sent and identified an inconsistency in time. The date specifically jumped forward and back a couple time while the identity folder was being established, making for an unreliable behavior. Given that feedback, I've since been able to identify and correct a time service problem. Thank you all for the prompt responses.
  2. Attempting the route of in-app support request with logs, but again, the application interface is moving ridiculously slow even after being paused. Been waiting about 30 minutes now to get to the settings window, then the wait is on the for support window.
  3. So, the problem has been replicated, and I found the folder identified from that link you sent, but I'm not sure what file(s) I need to send, and to whom. The debug.txt file only contains FFFFFFFF0. My Resilio Sync is in pause state until someone can give further guidance.
  4. That is exactly right. The devices with problems were 3 Windows 10 1703 VMs, and before that a Windows 10 1607 "bare metal" on a laptop. I've since torn down the virtual machines since on thin-provisioned disks and had no snapshots, so my attempt to conserve storage on the server was shot, but I'll run through that again and send the debug logs. Thanks for the prompt response.
  5. I've installed resilio sync on a couple new devices and I'm seeing inconsistent and incorrect behavior. Each of the last four machines I set to Disconnect state when initializing them, but as soon as I committed the setting, resilio sync started downloading all shares, and not selective. This causes a massive disruption, as the system then slows down so much that it takes forever for me to change each of the 40 shares back to disconnected and delete all the accidental share additions. Is anyone else experiencing something similar? Any ideas on how to fix this?