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  1. I experienced the same thing on Android. I wanted to Sync to \Sync\Music but had to use the default folder (/android/data/com.bittorrent.sync), a right pain! Installing BT Sync to SD card was no problem.
  2. Change the rescan interval setting. If its low like 30 seconds, then 30 seconds after you put your files in the folder on the PC, it will index them and then send to any active peers. It helps to have always on peer such as a server.
  3. I've also had disappointing results with LAN sync. 30MBps is max I have seen over LAN.
  4. Indded, there was no other option than to start over and make a new folder and share the link out to users. Not ideal. I beleive the issue happened because I double clicked in the wrong place, instead of disconect I deleted. Another warning/confirm screen when deleting folders could be useful. I think the only protection I can do for this is to create a second identity that I give owner to for all my folders. Joining/leaving/removing a folder is a big event, not something that happens every day, it should be in the history log in my option for sure.
  5. I have had similar experiences with BT Sync on Synology NAS, NAS to NAS over one hop, 30 MB/s max with LAN encrypt disabled. I can easily write/read 100 MB/s from these NAS's.. very disappointed, over 3 times slower using Sync, also the speed fluctuates. It's same sync'ing folder with many small files or folder with few very large files. The info about BT Sync said it would be so much faster than alternatives and sync over LAN. I hope they will resolve these issues in future versions.
  6. Hi.. been using BT Sync a few months now.. bought Pro while waiting for 2.2 to come out on NAS to have more than 10 folders. Anyway.. I am a owner of a folder, with a few peers as read-only, and maybe one other peer as read-write, no other owners.. Some how on NAS Web GUI I managed to remove a folder from my identity (I was trying to disconnect the folder on that NAS), the change sync'ed to all other devices.. and I've now left that folder! How can I regain ownership and rejoin the folder? Please any ideas? Thanks Also, why is joining/leaving/removing folders not shown in history?