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  1. Hi Helen, I will check the hashes and see if there is a difference. We had a different problem with another share of around 5 computers running Sync and sharing a folder. Each computer had a different data set, and we hoped that by connecting them all the data would sync completely across all the computers. What happened instead was that data was being deleted from multiple computers. How do we ensure that sync doesn't delete data from computers in such a situation? Thanks!
  2. We are syncing folders on a pair of freenas servers (A and B in two different locations). Both instances of BTSync are the same 2.2.27 (160) - both running BTSync Pro trial. The issue is that server B is copying data back to server A that already exists on server A. The two folders had previously been connected via btsync and were on their way to being in sync (roughly 1tb of data). BTSync was reinstalled on freenas server A, after which the sync connection had to be re-established. To do this I followed the following steps: 1) On Server A the folder was shared as a Read & Write folder. 2) On Server B, the Read & Write key from server A was added as a manual connection, with the sync destination as the original folder that contained partial sync data. Once this was completed Sync started working, but quickly server B started syncing files to server A that already existed there. What's the reason for this? Incidentally, there is another folder that is sync'd between the two freenas boxes that does not have this problem. We have tried to disconnect all peers from the share, delete the .sync folder from each peer and then re-establish the connection but still the same result - BTSync copying files to the peer that already has the files.