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  1. By the way, please be aware that the lack of this feature on the Android device gave me some headaches today. We might call it a flaw in the app's terminology, maybe functionality. How? The Android sync app, has a 'rename' option. Intuitively I thought, hey let me rename the sync name and hopefully the new name will appear on my desktop gui. WOA. Not only didn't it do that, BUT it renamed the directory in the Android file system! Huh?.. Guess what happened to my app(s) that had the rug pulled out from under them in mid flight? We don't need a sync app to rename folders on d
  2. Another vote, please. My use-case? Multiple mobile units being synced to my desktop and I need to keep same folder names. On my desktop: N:/AndroidSync/deviceA/DCIM N:/AndroidSync/deviceA/Downloads N:/AndroidSync/deviceA/a/b/c N:/AndroidSync/deviceB/DCIM N:/AndroidSync/deviceB/Downloads N:/AndroidSync/deviceB/a/b/c In order to reflect the true picture, especially with multiple syncs from the same device, you need to use the exact hierarchy of the devices. All we need is another column, share name. Thank you much. oh, and please let u
  3. I have since researched this Android problem. Interestingly enough, on External SD cards Android does NOT have this flaw. (ES File Explorer, cannot retain timestamps on internal Android storage, but does so for secondary external sd storage.) The other points sounds promising Thank you much. nat
  4. First of all, seems like BT Sync is the best kept secret in tech today:) I stumbled upon BT Sync googling for a specific solution, but I think I can use Sync every day anyhow. 1. My original problem. On a new Android device, I copied all my media files from an older device via several cloud providers (Google Drive, Onedrive, dropbox), using several (paid for) Android apps to keep them in sync. Problem: The timestamps are reset as new files! This kills many features of many apps that need to know the age of the stuff. So, the question: If I get BT sync on the new device, and old device, an