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    BTSync LogCat

    Thank you much. nat
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    BTSync LogCat

    As I said in my original post, the filter does not solve this problem! I am not trying to read all those zillions of debug log lines! EVEN if filtered out, it still slows my desktop environment immensely due to all that data being sent over the usb, into the Eclipse ADT LogCat console. The filter merely filters the data after it hits the console. Furthermore, what about my other devices (like my phone) that are being used normally (not as a developer device) , do they incur a huge hit due to this exceptionally detail log? (Many many line each second.) Hey, am not complaining. After all this BTsync app is still in Beta. BUT, it's a no brainer for a developer to include a settings toggle for log output. (Hint..) Thank you much. nat
  3. nat101

    BTSync LogCat

    It does not allow me access to other vendor's installs. And I don't see your pkg in Android/data.
  4. Is there a way to tell BTSync (Android) NOT to log its stuff at all? The BTsync logcat is overwhelming and even if filtered out in my Eclipse's logcat console, it bogs my 6-core 12gig ram machine down significantly. Since I am using this tablet for my own Android development, I need to use the logcat console. But the BTSync logcat is not only slowing the device, my entire desktop Eclipse ADT gets bogged down. I am 100% that it's the BTSync app. So, back to the question: How do I tell BTSync Android app NOT to log anything. Thank you much. nat
  5. Aye, thanks Moe for that pointer on #1. Although I can't rearrange the columns, it is a great help. I added two replies (one sort of a bug report) to the thread linked in 3. nat ps. The previous post here has some error with this new forum software. It didn;t allow me to delete the quote, or to discard the edit, even after closing the browser tab.
  6. By the way, please be aware that the lack of this feature on the Android device gave me some headaches today. We might call it a flaw in the app's terminology, maybe functionality. How? The Android sync app, has a 'rename' option. Intuitively I thought, hey let me rename the sync name and hopefully the new name will appear on my desktop gui. WOA. Not only didn't it do that, BUT it renamed the directory in the Android file system! Huh?.. Guess what happened to my app(s) that had the rug pulled out from under them in mid flight? We don't need a sync app to rename folders on disk! (Unless you make it pretty clear to the user.) Much better off without this option! Any user who has used Desktop 'shares' automatically assumes that rename means rename the share name, not the folder on disk! Although this post would be appropriate in the Android forum, it really belongs here because this is related to a global feature for all clients as discussed in this thread. So this a double vote for this feature. Thank you.
  7. Another vote, please. My use-case? Multiple mobile units being synced to my desktop and I need to keep same folder names. On my desktop: N:/AndroidSync/deviceA/DCIM N:/AndroidSync/deviceA/Downloads N:/AndroidSync/deviceA/a/b/c N:/AndroidSync/deviceB/DCIM N:/AndroidSync/deviceB/Downloads N:/AndroidSync/deviceB/a/b/c In order to reflect the true picture, especially with multiple syncs from the same device, you need to use the exact hierarchy of the devices. All we need is another column, share name. Thank you much. oh, and please let us rearrange columns in the gui.
  8. On the html gui for the bt sync service: I need to differentiate with multiple shares having the same folder name. Either by: 1. An option to display the complete path name in the 'Folder' column. Currently it only displays the folder name. 2. Allowing the renaming of the share displayed while leaving the true path/folder name intact. 3. In general, have a share name in addition to the folder name. (Applies to Android as well.) Thank you much for this wonderful program! nat
  9. I don't know why I missed this reply, but yes that was the issue. Thanks. nat
  10. Peer: Android 5.1 Beta. SD CARD. Peer: Windows 10 Desktop. Mostly syncing ok. But I have folder(s) that won't sync on the Android, but the Android Sync app knows about them and allows me to sync 'manually'. Details. On the desktop, I copy about 30 files into a synced sub-folder. On the Android (even days later) they DO appear BUT ONLY in the BTSync app, as NOT Synced. Why? How do I get all the files, to appear in my standard Android file-explorer? I don't want to manually tap each file (in the BTSync app) to have it sync. I want all peers to sync without the need to open the btSync app. Am I missing something? Thanks nat
  11. That's great. This option in Settings, though is a bit confusing. You have: 1. Auto-Sleep (go to sleep if not active for x minutes/hours. 2. Sync when charging. (every x minutes/hours.) Why not simply: 1. Sync on battery. (every x minutes/hours.) 2. Sync when charging. (every x minutes/hours.) [Why is there a check box here? Why not sync? ] If I unCheck the the Auto-sleep checkbox, then what? It syncs every what? Having said that, I am grateful that it indeed does sync in the background, Thanks nat
  12. With Sync pro; sync via MyDevices: Do Android sync folders sync in the background, or do I need to manually load the BT sync app in order to sync? In other words,if I use any Android file manager app to create/rename/delete files, is it supposed to sync to its peers [instantly] even if I don't switch to the bt sync app? Same question, if I modify file contents, editing a document, does it sync instantly or do I need to activate bt sync? Also, same question(s) the other way. If modification on desktop, are changes synced on Android in background? Thank you much. nat
  13. Does this beta also fix the timestamp problem which Android has fixed for EXTERNAL SD cards only? As described here: Thanks nat
  14. I have since researched this Android problem. Interestingly enough, on External SD cards Android does NOT have this flaw. (ES File Explorer, cannot retain timestamps on internal Android storage, but does so for secondary external sd storage.) The other points sounds promising Thank you much. nat
  15. In the following folder, a few screenshots as to how other apps handle this.