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  1. I know this has been discussed before, but I've tried all the suggestions from every article/thread and still can't get my LAN speeds to saturate the throughput. Little bit about my network: * Fully wired Cat-6 from end to end including all wall jacks, heads, etc * Everything runs through a Cisco SG200-26 small business class Gigabit switch * Mix of Windows 10 Pro 64-bit machines, couple Synology NAS' running DSM 5.2 and an OS X machine running El Capitan * All clients are running the latest version of Sync (2.2.7 as of this post) including the NAS' (downloaded the packages direct from the links provided on the site) * Router is a Buffalo DD-WRT model with both TCP and UDP ports hard coded to each machine per the settings in Sync for each machine (I don't use UPnP) On each client, I have: * LAN Encryption: Disabled * UPnP Port Mapping: Disabled * Disk Operations are low priority: Disabled * Limit LAN bandwidth: Disabled ​​* I've tried relay and tracker both on and off I seem to have hit all the points people say to try to get speeds up, but no matter what, from any machine to any other machine, they always seem to max out ~20-25MB/s. And for any one of those machines going direct, I saturate the line and get ~113MB/s when copying the same 4GB file that I would try and sync. I'm absolutely in love with Sync and am sticking around for the long haul (I won't be renewing my Dropbox for Business subscription), but I'd really love to be able to get the local LAN speeds up if possible. If anyone has anything else they've tried to get speeds up, I'd love to hear about them.
  2. Just chiming in to bump this up as well as say I need this in such a bad way. Not only do I use Sync as my one and only sync method between machines/devices... I also use it as a means to replicate specific data from each machine that I don't necesarrily want sync'd (more of a backup) so I have a single repository on an always-on machine to do a nightly offsite backup. What's happening to me is, when I add each Documents folder from each machine to Sync, they all dump to that one machine as Documents, Documents (1), Documents (2), etc... so in the event I have ever to reformat a machine, I'll have no way of knowing which Documents folder from the Sync listing is the right one. If I could have some sort of identifier apart from just the folder name, that would be perfect. My Sync folder list as it is now, is a giant mess that desperately needs some organization.