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  1. I have a simple 2 machine configuration - MAC laptop and an iMac on the same LAN. It has been working for while (2 years) although I had to restart Resilio Sync on both occasionally to keep them running. Today it stoped on the iMAC (after a machine reboot) and regardless of my repeated attempt to restart the sync is stuck on the iMac on the configuration loading phase while on the laptop it ends configuration but shows 0 peers. I hate to reinstall it since I will the have to reconfigure all the folders I have to sync.
  2. In case those are what you look for I did send the log and I followed the advice to set up specific hosts as there must be a broadcast issue in my network. I did the setup and it worked. (it still works). After some additional examination I found that a connection was made through a bridge that does not suport broadcast. After fixing this (the connection was changed inadvertently several months ago and did not affect anything at the time) broadcast works too. I am now stuck with 2.4 (RC) and the display has only a few columns (see attached). I hope the more informative display will show up again soon
  3. In case those are what you look for I remade the whole set. Observing it longer I see that the "peer online #" is the status at a give time (probably since 2.38) and it goes to 1 of 1 from time to time Quite confusing as the sync activity is probably low. Also the other columns (sizes, percentages etc. - are gone?) According to the activity monitor the CPU load is reasonably low and the history shows some activity so probably 2.4 is a real progress (except for the gui and some explanations).
  4. here they are + a snapshot of the window on one the machines (same thing shows on both)
  5. Sure - where can I find them. BTW I have now reinstalled 2.4 and it is worse (I added one folder - it apparently connected but the displays show nothing - no size, time etc). The second folder does not connect anymore. CPU consumption does not appear to be excessive.
  6. Yes - but did not help. I am uninstalling and reinstalling now and redefine all folders. If it doesn't help I'll give up on sync.
  7. I had an issue in 2.3.8 on a very symple local sync configuration (advanced folders)with a laptop (MacBook) and a desktop (iMAC) - the peers do not see each other after a while. You can get it back to work by removing all synced folder and re-pairing them. But it gets back to showing peers 0 out of 1 after a (short) while.
  8. I have a simple configuration - two devices on the same LAN (a laptop and a desktop) both on last OSX and they stop seeing each othe (peers show 0 out of 1) Sometime I succeed reviving them by restarting sync. Today even this (or restarting OSX) did not help.
  9. I am syncing a laptop and a desktop bot with Mac OS 10.11 El Capitain. I am syncing Mail too. Mail is active on the laptop and I want to have it on the desktop as backup (mainly for the local mailboxes). It used to work with syncing ~/Library/Mail/V3 (before V2) but now I am getting often Mail failing on the laptop with an indication of "mail index damaged" and the message ingest takes almost an hour. Is there a fix (I am not using man simultaneously on both as I was aware that it may become an issue)?