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  1. Resilio Sync, as its now called, was actually a fantastic solution. I set it up normally, but I did make sure that there was enough space that if everything were to be deleted from the "source", the "destination" would be able to hold it in the archive. We did use cloud backup (BackBlaze), which does keep a constant copy (even better than 7 days!) The problem is, should the server get hosed, it would take a really long time to download 4TB of data. I wanted an on-site copy for faster restores. Obviously, this was in addition to offsite backup, and the faster restore is really about convenience in a specific emergency scenario. Offsite backup was step one. Weeeeell it seems like what I want doesn't exist directly, but I'm not sure I'd go as far as AI - elsewhere in the thread, a request for a "non-delete node" was put up. They seem to not have implemented it, but that's all I was looking for.
  2. @Helen - actually, /MINIMIZED was exactly what I was looking for! That option doesn't come up when I run "btsync.exe /help", I didn't know it existed. Works perfectly now - thanks! And thanks to everyone else who offered their help!
  3. I have a script that starts BitTorrent Sync by running BTSync.exe, on a schedule, on Windows. When I run the executable, I get an icon in the task bar, as well as the GUI. I then click the X on the GUI, but the process is still running in the task bar. Is there a way to start the executable without launching the GUI, just the process/taskbar icon? I looked through the flags offered by the executable, but didn't find anything that might help.
  4. Thank you very much foe your reply - this actually is sufficient for my needs. while the most likely scenario is that the server simply goes down, on the off chance that everything is deleted and those changes are propgated via Sync, I'll have to make sure that my Archive settings allow for a large enough archive to hold all of the files. I can then make the claim that, should everything be deleted from the server, I can simply restore the files from the archive of the PC.
  5. I have a server with a bunch of data on it (nothing that needs particular security, no medical files or anything like that). I have a computer with more than enough space on it to hold all of that data - however, copying it all would be a huge pain. Then I heard about BitTorrent Sync - seems like the perfect option to keep the PC tied to the server with little effort. My question, though, is what happens if, for some reason, all of the data gets deleted from the server? I don't know why that would happen exactly, but I'm trying to plan for all scenarios. I'd like to keep the data on the PC as a backup - no matter what happens to the server, there will be a copy of the data on the PC. Does such an option exist for BitTorrent Sync? Ideally, it would be something like "add only" - the receiving computer can have new files added to it, but can never delete older files (to prevent some kind of 'delete all' scenario). I know it's not the exact use case for the product, but hopefully this kind of a thing isn't too crazy. (I did do some research into this before posting - I saw this topic: and it seems like the answer was no, at least as far back as 2014 - perhaps there's an update, though.)