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  1. It is well known that the large amount of memory consumed Resilio since it uses a few kilobytes of RAM per file. It would be very good if Resilio used a database as a sqlite to store this information instead of in memory. If not, Resilio is not usable on NAS systems or computers with a normal amount of memory if the number of files is important.
  2. AT last! The GUI has apared. I've deleted one folder with 1 folders with 190.051 files and 227.169 subfolders
  3. Nothing. Waiting for hours. No Web interface. I think that Btsync is too "fat" for my poor NAS
  4. Excuse me RomanZ. I use my NAS for backup two PC's More o less: * PC1-->NAS.....8 folders (and subfolders) with 117954 files * PC2-->NAS....1 folders with 190.051 files and 227.169 subfolders Which is the limit?
  5. I've backed to previous versiĆ³n 2.2.5. All works again (I have restored all shares)
  6. Thanks for your answer. No, I do not have any extension in my browsers (Chrome or Ms Edge). With previous version (2.2.5) I did not have this problem. Can I come back to this version?
  7. BtSync 2.3 (Pro). Recent upgrade. QNAP TS-212P. 10 Folders (All read only-folders). When I go to BtSync page (http://nas-ip:14859/gui/), it shows btsync header but don't show any more. I'm waiting for several minutes but nothing showed Top Window show: btsync process 4-5% CPU and 103424K of RAM
  8. Windows 10 (updated from Windows 7). BtSync 64 (Also tried with 32bit version). Install ok. But when I add a remote folder (read only), btsync crash and it show in a Window: "BitTorrent Sync has crashed. A crash dump has beed saved as: C:\user....\..dmp" Some ideas?