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  1. Hello, I'm looking at buying several QNAP (or other) NAS devices, such as the TS-653A-8G. We have three offices which I'd like to equip with the NAS as local file server on each location. They are running mostly windows and few Linux desktops. For data redundancy purposes (i.e. if one NAS fails), I'd like to be able for the users to connect to either one of the other NAS devices from their laptop / desktop until the failed NAS is restored. This seems to be possible with the BTSync tool being installed temporarily on the local machines with the failed NAS in their local network. Not having to expose ports to connect the devices seems to be a security plus, even though it comes at a price (trusting with non-open source code). Data backup would be done separately on a cloud storage. For windows user authentication, I'm planning on using the Samba 4.x AD implementation as delivered by QNAP, one of the NAS acting as domain controller, the other ones serving as backup DCs. The big question I couldn't figure out: Does the current BTSync (2.x) running on NAS support copying the file and folder permissions between the different locations as specified in the QNAP NAS / Samba? Or would we have to mess with individual permissions defined in BTSync for the syncing between the locations? We have currenly only 9 users, but many folders and need a strict and safe enforcement and propagation of folder permissions to all locations. Thanks for any input! Best regards Frank