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  1. Uh oh. Of course it is. The continuing stooooory... (Dr. Bob - Veterinarian's Hospital - The Muppet Show) I had to rebuild my Dell laptop from scratch using a windows 10 ISO that included the Fall Update (which I shall refer to as FU for several reasons) because FU wouldn't update. It said I had to remove Drive Image 7 first. I had never installed that application but apparently either FU misidentified something else or Dell included a component of DI7 as part of their pre-installed Windows 10 system. In any case, it looks like FU strikes again. Is there a solution or do I just have
  2. I know this has been asked and answered before but the given solution does not work for me. When I went to check the Run registry entry it already had "/MINIMIZED" as a command line switch. Whenever I have to reboot the Resilio Sync GUI pop-up on my desktop. It should be able to start in the background.
  3. I found which answered all my questions.
  4. I DID try search and did not find the answers I was looking for. None of the links you provided gave any answers with any meat. I am a retired computer professional and was looking for a technical answer. I still have no idea when relay or tracker are required. For example, two computers in different cities behind different routers. I set up a folder on one computer then email the read/write key to the second computer where it is manually applied to create the other end of the sync. How is the computer to computer connection established? Is the relay or tracker required to do this? Can the con
  5. i'm using btsync for two purposes 1) to sync two Windows computers on the same router 2) to sync two Windows computers behind two separate routers in different cities What are the functions of the "Relay" and "Tracker" components and under what configurations can I disable these components? Are either/both required for the initial connection/configuration and can I safely disable either/both once the sync has been configured/connected? I understand that file data is encrypted/decrypted at each end, but are file names also encrypted?