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  1. @JS8- thank you very much for sharing this. This makes a lot of sense, although I don't really understand the benefits of using the external drive. Anyway, both Tom & Jerry sync their own FolderX (/Users/Tom/FolderX and /Users/Jerry/FolderX). In my case not a big deal, but I will have duplicate Folder X's on the HD. Thanks again!
  2. Thanks a lot for your feedback. I may still be missing something here. In the event that Jerry creates a new file in folder X, this file remains locked, even after I log out Jerry. I will have to give Tom read/write access to this file.
  3. I thought I got it sorted (sort of). To further clarify: on Mac B, only Tom is running Sync. In the event Jerry has worked on folder X, I have to switch to Tom to sync folder X with Mac A. As I see it now, this is the only way this can work. But I have noticed that in the event that Jerry creates a new file in folder X, this file will not sync. After I switched to Tom, Sync will show these files as locked. I'm sure that Jerry has closed the application (Word) before switching user. Both Tom & Jerry have admin privileges on Mac B. Any thoughts? Thank a lot!
  4. Thanks a lot! Your understanding is correct. Tom is (Resilio) syncing folder X (from Mac B) with Mac A and sharing folder X with Jerry. When Jerry works on folder X, I have to switch user (to Tom) before folder X syncs with Mac A. Not a big issue, but maybe there is a better way?
  5. This has been discussed here before, but I'm still uncertain how I best configure this. My set-up: two Mac's, one of which has two users. Is it best to run Sync for both users and duplicate the data? Thank you!