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  1. 1) Is there a limit to how many recipients can use the Single File Share link? 2) Does the recipient's computer of the Single File Share link help with the propagation of the shared file during download? And after the download... for how long? 3) If the Single Shared File is nested in another folder share on the origination computer ... does the folder share swarm also help with Single File Share distribution?
  2. Can the "Send One File" (SOF) link be received and processed by a free version of Resilio or must they also have Pro version? If so ... is the SOF link smart to install the free version of Resilio automatically before receiving the large file? This feature will be the best advertising for Resilio. "Hey, how did you send me that large movie by email? You mean I can pay one time for Resilio Pro and have the same capability to send a large file to anyone?!"
  3. The first time I downloaded a shared link for a folder on a new phone it added a (1) to the folder name. I went into Filemanager to see if there was already a folder by that name thinking that was the reason for Sync adding the number but there was none. Why would this happen? How can clean it so that I can change the name of the folder back to the root name with no number?
  4. So to clarify ... is an instance a computer? My use case is ... What if the computer dies? Is all the work to share huge data up in smoke and have to be redistributed and the peers contacted and asked to accept their share links and delete their old folders so versioning does not add a 1 at the end of the folders? That seems like a waste if true. I am hoping that I just move the 2TB external "share source" drive to another computer. How is this disaster recovery possible if the sharing computer dies?
  5. And if the hard drive is usb external... can I move the hard drive to another computer running sync and the folder still maintain it's public shares? If not how best to accomplish the moving of the drive to another computer? Does Work groups or pro support this moving of the ext drive to another computer?
  6. I guess I did not wait long enough... my RAM usage came back down. So you must already be using a database approach. Sorry for asking too soon.
  7. My RAM usage grows by 6MB for each folder I add to it. Ad this rate I will be up to 60GB of RAM by the time I add my 10,000 folders. Why can't Sync put that information of the files into a database instead of memory? That way adding more folders/files will not clobber RAM. Now that SSD drives are more common that should be a good option.
  8. What is the easiest way to move a folder to another computer that has shared public links attached to it and still maintain the shared links? Is that what work groups does? Or does Work groups only do that for internal folder shares?
  9. Is # from the time the link was created or from the time a user first starts using the link?
  10. Is the 100 max active shares at a given time tied to the link that they shared to get to the folder or to the folder itself? I recognize that to make and send out a share link for a folder that all links made are different even though they point to the same folder. Hence my question. If the 100 max active shares is tied to the individual links (and not the folder itself) then could a person just send out lots of links for the same folder to up the effective number of users sharing to a single folder. If this were true then the max number of people having share access to a given
  11. Does that "waiting to share" queue get destroyed when manually flushing the synced peers? If so then what determines who is first in line once the pending peers queue is re-established?
  12. Can I use the API to do the manual flush to... temporarily set the peer_expiration_days to "0" to clear the cached peers?
  13. There is no need to be apologetic that by adding in the public share feature your developers bested Dropbox's share feature on steroids... simply because DB has the daily bandwidth limit. I can see those developers high fiving even now. ok, for now I will resort to manually pushing already synced shares offline using the technique ... GreatMarko"Yes, temporarily setting peer_expiration_days to "0" will clear cached peers." What is the limit of the queue of those waiting to get in to share? Does that "waiting to share" queue get destroyed when manually flushing the synced peers
  14. So I take it that any share link I distributed using BTSync will not work for someone who just freshly installs the new version?? i never received an email or push notification notifying me of this Big change.