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  1. 1) Is there a limit to how many recipients can use the Single File Share link? 2) Does the recipient's computer of the Single File Share link help with the propagation of the shared file during download? And after the download... for how long? 3) If the Single Shared File is nested in another folder share on the origination computer ... does the folder share swarm also help with Single File Share distribution?
  2. Can the "Send One File" (SOF) link be received and processed by a free version of Resilio or must they also have Pro version? If so ... is the SOF link smart to install the free version of Resilio automatically before receiving the large file? This feature will be the best advertising for Resilio. "Hey, how did you send me that large movie by email? You mean I can pay one time for Resilio Pro and have the same capability to send a large file to anyone?!"