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  1. Hey, thank you very much for the quick and competent answer! First, it is a shame they use the wrong lib. Secondly, thank you for the tip for the drive idling problem. Funnily I expect this to further delay the sync from NAS to PC. I wish there was a way for the drives to idle AND push the changes instantly to other devices if there is any movement in the folder. I guess I'll have to manage the delay. Thank you very much, Syphdias
  2. Hello, I have the following setup: 1 NAS (Synology DS415+) , 1 PC both connected to 1 Router which is connected to the internet (pretty standard). On My Synology NAS I got BTSync installed, as well as on my PC, and they sync one folder (R+W)Both are configured very similar. General Settings:- Listen to port x on NAS and port y on PC- no UPnP- no relay- no tracker- no LAN broadcast- known host: each other- no disc operations are low priority- Encrypt on LAN (doesn't make a difference if I turn it off)- everything else pretty much default (but statistics disabled etc. this should not be relevant) Preference for the folders:- no relay- no tracker- no search LAN- predefined hosts: each other with the listening port from the other one I if change anything on my PC the changes are transferred in a matter of seconds (<10s) to the NAS (del, create or change), but if I change/create/modify anything on the NAS it takes minutes (5-10mins) until the change is transferred to my PC.Don't get me wrong, the sync is working correctly, but not very fast in one directing. To my questions I want to answer:1. What can I do to fix this?2. I always read about the DHT Option, but I can't find it, but since I want it turned off (which is default), it doesn't really matter. Still, I am curious.3. How intense will BTSync drain on the lifetime of my NAS drives? And what can I do to prolong it without sacrificing performance (once the performance is fixed). For example, will BTSync prevent the drives from going to the idle state?4. Does BTSync "pull" or just "push"?5. Is it normal that the installation folder of BTSync is in %AppData%?6. What's the difference between "LAN broadcast" and "Search LAN" since there is an option: folder_defaults.use_lan_broadcast bool true Default setting for folder preference "Search LAN" Thank you very much for your help in advance,Syphdias