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  1. Yes, exactly this. It seemed no longer supported and at this point you would rather go with something else (something active) in case you would have to build a new solution. I could not have recommended someone to buy a license for something that would not be developed any more. Glad to see that my concerns were unjustified.
  2. What a nice surprise! I really thought Sync has become abandoned and I was even more disappointed about it after buying Pro and Family, not because I needed it, but because I liked it so much and wanted to support it. So glad to see there is some activity again. Hope to see some progress on the Android app soon too, the latest version is not really reliable anymore for a while now.
  3. Just in case any of the readers experiences the same issue: The problem occurred on Android 8 with the folder on SD card and Archive enabled (default setting). Using Archive on SD was not yet possible on 2.5. This was resolved in a development/test version and I guess the fix will be made public with the next official release.
  4. This really makes Sync unusable for me at the moment. Same issue with a Moto Z2 Force on Android 8 and using a folder location on the SD card. New Sync installation on the phone. New folder created on the Desktop. Sharing the folder via Read-only QR code. Settings: Selective sync turned off, Overwrite changed files Add a file to the folder: It will be transferred successfully. First update: File is overwritten. Second update: Transfer is stuck. I will send the debug log of the new installation now.
  5. This happened on a Moto Z 1st Gen. with Android 8.0. I did not have the same issue on a Honor 6 with Android 6 (also on SD) or on a Moto G 1st Gen with Android 5 (Internal Storage). I already completely uninstalled Sync from the Moto Z, deleted all folders and set it up again, but I keep having issues with the synchronization. Changed files from other devices will often not be downloaded, the progress bar will be stuck somewhere in the middle. I had a similar issue sometimes with versions up to 2.5 where the download of changed files did not start for some files any more. In that case the "Overwrite changed files" option used to help. Here it does not. The Desktop peer where it should download from was already updated to 2.6 as well. Unfortunately I cannot test on my Moto Z any longer. I should get a Moto Z2 Play with Android 8 by end of this week though. I am a bit surprised I don't see anyone else reporting similar issues.
  6. No, it was even a very recent install right from the Play Store. It works again when I reconnect the folders, but I just wanted to let you know about this.
  7. After updating to 2.6.1 (7881) on Android 8.0, I lost access to my folders which reside on my SD card. I reclaimed permissions, selected default locations again and rebooted phone, but the issue persists.
  8. Thanks for the quick help! 1) is fixed with 2.5.1, so 2) is no longer relevant. Now I just need to find peers again. EDIT: Took a few minutes, but found peers after all.
  9. I never had to configure anything, yet it was working for all versions so far. It stopped just now. It's even not consistent. Sometimes the devices can see one other device, but in general not. Also an 2.4.5 notebook could connect to the 2.5.0 notebook without problems. Didn't try 2.5.0 <-> 2.5.0 between notebooks yet.
  10. Hi, although not supported, someone might be able to give me a useful hint: This topic covers 2 issues: 1.) Sync 2.5 is no longer working on my Fire HDX 7 (Fire OS It crashes right after startup, even after deleting all data. Any idea why this is happening - maybe something else is missing? 2.) After going back to 2.4.5 I cannot read the QR code from my 2.5 Desktop installation any more - nothing is happening. Has there been any change so that the QR code is not compatible with the older app version any more? Thanks for any hints!
  11. Hi, after updating my Androids and my Windows 10 to Sync 2.5 I am experiencing some problems. My Androids are seperate devices (not linked to my account), but connected to the same WiFi. However every single of my 4 devices (Android 5, 6, 7 and Windows 10) right now sees no other peers. I rebooted all devices and my router/modem, but it did not change anything. Also I was never experiencing similar issues before, therefore it looks related to the new version to me. If anyone is experiencing the same effect and if more information is required from my side, please let me know. EDIT: After several minutes, the Android 7 sees the Notebook now. The others are still cutoff.
  12. I just noticed the new option in Sync 2.4.7! Thank you so much! Makes life so much easier if I can rely on files staying synced and without needing to disconnect/reconnect the whole folder every time a file breaks for some reason!
  13. Hi! I'm using Sync Pro for a while now and currently I'm not adding most of my devices to the Sync Devices list, but rather letting them run with their own identities. So I'm not able to use the Pro features on them. I'm doing this because I don't like that all devices then possibly can access all of my synced folders while not all of those devices are providing the same level of security. Some are maybe shared with other people etc. Is there maybe a way to combine the devices management feature with requiring to explicitly sharing folders before being able to see or access them? Thank you!
  14. Thanks to your reply I know now that the "bug" I am fighting with for so long is actually intended. :-p This is quite a problem for me. Is there a similar setting on Android - I couldn't find any. I'm syncing a folder with my most important notes and stuff to my mobile devices, so I'm always able to access them, but I do not want them to make any changes. I'm using Jota for text file, however if I just type a small change into a file, the synchronization breaks - even if I discard the changes. Unfortunately this happens from time to time by accident. I didn't know for a long time that this was causing my sync issues. So I end up being somewhere and when accessing my notes I realize I'm missing the latest information. Even worse, I didn't even find a way to easily fix the synchronization again. Turning on selective sync, deleting all files, rebooting device, turning off selective sync again, updating the file on a read/write device, ... - still those files will not get synced any longer. So every time this happens I need to disconnect the whole folder, delete everything and sync it again. Please tell me there is a simpler way to keep it mirrored. Thanks!
  15. Hi again, what do you think about a warning when a device goes online and the free space is insufficient for the files to be received (set syncing to pause and requiring manual action to resume)? A completely full drive can cause unexpected program behavior and this would make it possible to notice and react before running into errors.