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  1. Well, I would not say that it doesn't allow to set file modification time. It works properly on the shares. But maybe BTSync client doesn't support my configuration yet. I'm using DSM 6 beta and btrfs as FS.
  2. Modifications times are fine. That's why I thought about the creation time. It's the only difference. So I looked at the logs more closely and noticed an error when setting attributes. That could be the cause of the troubles. Here are some interesting entries from my logs (it's a file uploaded on January 13th reverting to a version from January 6th). Maybe you can explain more clearly why the old file finishes to be sent to other peers. [20160113 14:56:25.726] MC[C17F] [7E7A]: will request nodes for /My/Path/To/File.pdf [20160113 14:56:27.187] MC[C17F] [7AF7]: will request nodes for /My/Path
  3. I'm facing the same problem. I had for several weeks only two computers synced together (Win10 and OSX). No trouble. Then I added a Synology NAS to the peers (running latest 2.2.5-1 version). That was the beginning of the troubles. By looking at the logs and file creation times, it seems that the creation time is wrong on Synology. It's set to the date the file was copied to. So when my computer changes a file, keeping its original creation time, the NAS thinks its version is newer and overwrite the changes. Why is file creation time used to check which file is newer? Most of the time, creatio