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  1. Due to the inordinate amount of memory and processor usage of R-Sync, I've switched the usage on my laptop from a service to a normal application. This laptop only has 8 gb of memory and R-Sync consumes nearly half of that when running. So I've dropped back to sync-ing on demand. Sort of. After closing the application, it's still active in Task Manager consuming enormous amounts of processor capability and memory. How do I set it to close completely upon application exit?
  2. Well, As I'm not a paid user, it seems that Resilio is refusing to provide assistance on this issue, so I'll reach out here in hope of getting some resolution. A couple of weeks ago the Resilio Sync on my Synology box refused to connect. A bit of spelunking around indicated a software update was needed due to an updated DSM in the Synology. This has inflicted a couple of issues that weren't there before, and I've worked through the other ones, but now I've got the issue of Chrome declaring that the Resilio certificate is invalid. I'm completely ignorant of Certificates and
  3. Um, great.... Philosophically I know what a cron job is. Technically, not so much. Task Manager of which Control Panel? What file, do I need to add what information to? Why is this an issue now? It's never arisen before the software update.
  4. A couple of days ago Resilio Sync refused to start on my Synology DS918+. A bit of spelunking indicates an old version installed. Install new version and now I'm getting this banner at the bottom: "Agent Run Out Of System Notify Watchers" There is this advisory,, but it might as well be written in Swahili for all the good it's doing me. I'm fairly computer literate and can find my way around in a Linux Command Window, but I need more than this to sort this out. I wouldn't care, b
  5. I've had Sync set up for a bit and installed the latest version (v2.14?) today. I haven't fooled with Sync since my Windows boxes updated to the Fall Creators Update, which I have a feeling is behind this schmozzle. I had a folder share with a number of subfolders that Sync started complaining it couldn't access three of the subfolders. Making it rescan the main would alleviate the problem for a while and then it would reoccur. So I deleted the share from Sync. I delete the .sync folder in the main folder and restarted the machine. When I go to create a share of the same fold
  6. I've experienced the same issue. Why have a function that obviously doesn't work?