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  1. It would be a really powerful feature that users would be able to assign a url to the folder (something short like folder123.sync.to), which leads to a web drive of the folder when at least one of the folder's devices are online. The initial handshake is handled by the node, but file transfers are direct from the web device to all the normal devices. This would enable users to upload or download files from their synced folders on a device without Sync installed. I foresee this would require extra framework for the nodes, so this might work as a pro-only feature.
  2. +1 This is useful when the folder is written by some programs which writes temporary. Having an option of letting the files 'settles' before syncing would help a lot. The best would be able to apply this to subdirectories selectively.
  3. +1 I think having .sync/IgnoreList as a machine specific and .syncignore as global setting (can be put into any folder). This will be same as Git and I believe it is the most logical and powerful solution.