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  1. Well the thing is ... I am traveling a lot. So my idea was to have all my data in the cloud and sync to my laptop and android whenever I need something. However, from experience, many places (Hotels etc) block filesharing protocols to keep people from downloading illegal content. I cannot test this before I go to a place and asking hotels about their firewall settings before booking also might not work out haha So I am kinda afraid I will be stuck with a non working sync setup in many places worldwide ..
  2. Hi ! Just a quick general question: When filesharing protocols or ports (plus UPnP) are blocked inside a network, will I still be able to reliably sync my folders over the internet through that network? Logic would say no but maybe BT sync does something different from the filesharing apps ? Thanks for the answer!
  3. Hi Helen, thanks for the quick answer. I think I will need to read up on those key file things. Are those files encryption keys? Ok, so it seems like simply accessing the encrypted files (in cloudstorage) from the cloudstorage providers webinterface will be impossible, right? I will always have to sync the whole folder to either a local PC or an Android phone, exactly? Can you confirm, that I can decrypt the files by syncing them with the android client? Will this decryption work reliably and quickly on a phone at all? (limited ressources of a 2015 Android phone with Snapdragon 810 soc) As for your comment about never removing the encrypted folders ... what exactly do you mean by that? I will never be able to remove those files or the whole folder from cloud storage ever??!? Maybe you guys can add another howto to your documentation about all of the practical issues with encrypted folders and accessing files in them. Maybe others will find this helpful too. Thanks, Alex
  4. Hi! I am thinking of buying the pro version till end of January to take advantage of the anniversary rebate, however I have questions regarding the the encryption folders. Let me tell you my usage scenario first: I am planning on having various local folders on my main PC to sync not only to folders on my laptop but also to the cloud (one or multiple cloud providers) using odrive which maps cloud drives as subfolders into a folder named odrive in Windows Explorer. This should probably work with BT sync. So far so easy. However, I would like the cloud drives to contain encrypted versions of my files for security reasons so I was initialled planning on using boxcryptor to encrypt and later easily decrypt the files in the cloud drives on the fly. Then I read about sync offering encryption folders so I could probably skip using boxcryptor however the question is: How will I be able to decrypt the files in the cloud drives? I am planning to access them using my my Windows PCs and my Android phone so I am wondering how decryption works. Is it seamless like with the boxcryptor Android and desktop apps? In Boxcryptor I can easily see and work with the decrypted files in the virtual drive it creates. How will I be able to access the files in encrypted folders with BT sync? Is it seamless or will I have to manually decrypt each file (and even copy it to local storage) before I can use them? The information on encrypted folders I have seen so far does not really talk about decrypting and accessing the information stored in the folders so I hope you can shed some light on this subject. Sorry, if I am misunderstanding the concept though, maybe encrypted folders in BT Sync work differently from Boxcryptor. Thanks for your answers!