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  1. Thanks Gane, I must have missed that option. I'll give that a try! In the meantime my workaround was to install Sync on a second device, with the alternate network set to a higher metric. Their destinations are each the same shared storage. I think it's a little awkward because I noticed they would send data to each other, so I ended up disabling LAN sync. Not sure that was the best workaround so I'll try a link aggregation when I get the chance. Thanks again!
  2. Hi, My Mac Pro uses two network interfaces, each with a different route to the internet. All of the traffic is just using the NIC set to the highest priority in System Preferences. Is there any way to convince Resilio Sync to initiate more connections from the other NIC as well? Thanks!
  3. Got it, thanks for the clarification! I hadn't discovered the shell integration yet, I see now I can sync whole folders. Maybe I missed that in the docs? Thanks!
  4. Does this request overlap with Refinement Of The Selective Sync Web Ui? I'm not sure why this thread is marked as "Already Implemented"... which aspect of this has been implemented?
  5. Yes please! I bought Sync just to unlock the selective sync feature and am finding that I can't use it in its current condition.
  6. Hi, How are you supposed to revert to placeholder files when you have read/write access? I've read these documents and still have a question: Selectively Syncing Folders and Files with BitTorrent SyncSelective SyncWhat Is A BTS File?That last document indicates that you revert to placeholders by simply deleting the file, but then adds this oh-so-critical caveat: That assumption will completely break my use case. How are you supposed to use this feature if you need read/write access?I have lots of storage on my NAS but limited local storage. My plan is to store everything on the NAS and use Sync to sync any relevant folders while I work on them. After a project is done, I would like to remove it from local storage but obviously keep it on the NAS. Is this something I need to hack my own solution and GUI for using the API? I really just need something as simple as Dropbox's implementation: Thanks.