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  1. I did try to readd it serveral times, why can't it handle this? I just wanted a replication of a files not to go through all my thounds of files to find bad file names. ownCloud handle this replication without changing the folder names, please fix!
  2. I gave up on this started using owncloud instaed that always works now
  3. That option is enabled already, Could I send you the full log as a PM?
  4. It says the same for all 533 files it not just this one this is just a part of the log Also the Linux version that you have in the Ubuntu server reposistory is version 2.0.X something? why have you not updated this in several months? Ok I just tried to rename the entire folder, it reindexet it and still not sending any files... And the receving server says this so why is there any error?
  5. I cannot do this on 533 folders... It will take until the end of time, This keeps happening and when I add new folders it does not sync them either. I only sync on folder that contains around 4500 folders of media, it has succesfully synced all but 533 files. If I remove them like I tried serveral times it again fails after around 8-9 days of transfering.
  6. Hello Sync Community This is my first post here so bare with me if I am noob on this. OK before I go into details I think it best if I explain my setup I will draw it first: FreeNAS(3.7TB media) --->ubuntu 14.04 LTS(btsync owner) --->Internet--->Western Digital EX4(btsync receiver) I wanted a backup of all my files that keeps up to date so I placed one of my NAS unite(EX4) at my friends house and I run a 250/100Mbit fiber and he uses a 100/10Mbit fiber. All devices runs the latest version of btsync and am baffeled on how bad this program se