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  1. Backup function only exists on mobile apps AFAIK. But you could go to the Archive-folder on the RO-folder when it's deleted from a RW-node. The trash retention-period can be adjusted from its default of 30 days in Power Settings
  2. I can get as far as having Resilio see the usb-drive but I won't get below the root-folder. So no go. Maybe its the filsystem?
  3. Agree with @dualcells, just follow that article and it works. Remember to stop the service prior to anything with sudo systemctl stop / disable resilio-sync.. And after modifying the config, you re-enable it without sudoing, and adding the option --user. Just read the article carefully as there are similar configs on different places aswell as risk for typos. But it works as described
  4. No, there were no upload nor download, and I've never seen the Tb-unit. I did the same upgrade procedure on a laptop (without all those shares and there was no issue there). Im afraid I've disabled debug (FFFFFFFF0 in debug.txt,) and turning it on now wouldn't reveal anything i suppose
  5. Beware, i upgraded manually from 2.5.9 and my identity was lost after successful upgrade. had to join in my other ppers and re-index everything.
  6. Finally! Awesome additional features. Android app is a huge step forward too. Great work!
  7. As discussed here, if my Resilio config is compromised somehow, there's no way of revoking access for a specific peer/computer if I understand it right? I would really like to see a way to ban such machine. A revokation if that sort would (which I actually was in place) require ( machine ID + user ID ) = Peer ID. Probably a big change in how identities are built, but would it be possible in the futher? again, correct me if im wrong here.
  8. Thanks for clearing that out. I thought revocation was essential for an PKI-solution.
  9. @Lost Copter Quite interesting observation. Without knowing much about Sync's internals, when you're joining a machine with your identity you basically transfer at least the user certificate to that box, but I thought there were a machine certificate generated during join-process too. Unlink-process should then invalidate that machine cert so no other peer would accept it, sorta revocation. Any official comment on that?
  10. Posted here by mistake, should've been a separate thread.
  11. sync appends (1) by default, if the requested foldername already existed upon 'linkin'. To avoid re-seeding anything you simply remove those paranthesis manually in the add folder dialogue, and confirm when Sync warns you that it already exists. the older folder will not get overwritten if its the same share, it would only be rehashed as @GreatMarko mentioned.
  12. @GreatMarko Depending on size of share, that indexing could take some extensive time though, might be worth restoring storage folder if share is >2TB or so? running 5 disks through a usb3hub with Storage Spaces though, performance isnt exactly outstanding here... (haven't actually thought of restoring data folder myself)
  13. I think what I was trying to say there, was that installing a plugin is "sort of _like_ installing a standalone client. s/love/like... I don't like plugins in general but that discussion is OT :-)
  14. I haven't got this issue before, it started yesterday. i turned overclocked to 1ghz and also installed plexmediaserver, which is pretty heavy. [12031.754019] Out of memory: Kill process 683 (btsync) score 460 or sacrifice child probably not Sync's fault here.
  15. Thanks. Ok. I'll keep the temporary extensions then. At least one of the peers are Rpi's so they end up pretty busy anyway with all the small changes
  16. Since mentioned device has Gb erhernet and usb3 ports it sounds interesting for use with Sync equipped with one or two usb3 drives. Would any btsync binary run on that exynos soc?
  17. This was redundant. There's an option in standard preferences which allows you disable external notifications. UI still flashes for each missing share but at least windows doesn't bother me.
  18. You misunderstood. You're correct in that there's different behavior between device-button and app-button, but it's the device's back button I'm talking about. It steps one folder up but it jumps back to the top. Not an issue alone but when you have to scroll for 20 seconds and guess a folders name because of truncation, it's time consuming to have to scroll once again. But great to hear truncation will be fixed, then the scenario I'm talking about won't be an issue for me anyway. Looking forward to it.
  19. That previous post got some blown up fontsize when I pasted text and links. (at least when I review it in mobile view) Was not intentional.
  20. "To make this re-scan as lightweight as possible, Sync only checks for file and folder modification time and size changes. If any has changed, then it re-hashes the whole file to find out which pieces of files have actually changed and need to be synced." - http://help.getsync.com/hc/en-us/articles/205458185-Setting-how-often-Sync-should-check-for-file-changes-
  21. It may also be a ui-glitch. I do find peers so maybe its just an eventhandler not firing or some misbehaving js code..
  22. I've got lots of shares on my laptop, many of them has their destination on a removable usbdevice which isnt always attached, but there are some shares on C-drive too. When launching Sync and 15 folders are missing, its pretty 'bleepy' and flashy for a very long time. Although It's important to alert if a share isnt working, id like it to easier to work with. You could make the warnings cumulative, stop flashing in for so long in the UI etc.