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  1. any package Btsync (install manuall)y does not work with rt1900ac
  2. @RomanZ It helped, but after a reboot synology need to repeat it again change in /etc/passwd.
  3. it starts but config is clean (so it has to be?) and why is listening IP is Still does not works when started by the DSM itself.
  4. Of course I tried IP:8888/gui address. Not working I can add directory or in any way to configure services
  5. started? See the second image. I can not add directory or in any way to configure services
  6. I have the same issue on DSM 6beta2 with ds213air https://forum.getsync.com/topic/42005-synology-dsm-60-beta-2/?do=findComment&comment=114288
  7. it still does not work I was hoping that ^Helen will help, but not
  8. yes it is 2.3.1. 1. run in terminal, "usr/local/bittorentsync/bin/btsync and looks ok 2. go to package center but "Bittorent Sync" - Stopped 3. when launch RUN from package center BittorentSync, error "Failed to run teh package service"
  9. i have DS213air download version 88F628X. I installed version 2.2.7-1 and still the same "Failed to run teh package service"
  10. I installed manually version 2.2.5-1 and 2.3-1 none of them want to start "Failed to run teh package service" DSM 6.0-7274
  11. what do you do when you do not have a copy? how to clean install and run on beta2