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  1. just got a simmilar error on the FreeNAS device. Failed to download /folder/xxx.jpg - WriteToDisk: No such file or directory in the sync UI I see 1 file missing to download, it retrys and retrys, if I delete this file in the filesystem it resyncs it again sucessfully.
  2. Hi! I run the version 2.3.1 under an arm device and get a lot of these errors Failed to download folder/picture.jpg - CheckOriginalFile: No such file or directory but this file exists on the source machine and on the arm device which raises this error message. I never got this message on one of my other devices(Windows, FreeNAS, same version) What do these errors mean and how can I prevent them?
  3. Hi! I have a Windows PC which shares a folder(only one direction) to 2 linux machines(both read only!) now one of these linux machines say "XXX files to Windows PC", how is that possible? On the Windows PC it says "XXX files to Linux A" and "XXX Files to Linux B"
  4. Hi. I use the btsync client on windows and on a freeNas server. I initially synced 165gb of pictures quite fast. I have shared the folder from the PC as readOnly for the freeNas server. Now I have added another folder of pictures(abt 3GB). after abt 20minutes, the btsync UI on freeNas and on the Destkop, is empty in the status column. The folder and subfolders are already created on freeNas but no files. Is this normal, or is there a problem?
  5. Hi! I have a folder 'sync' on Destkop A Now I want to sync this Folder to two different NAS, NAS A and NAS B. the NAS should only read. NAS A is always on. So If I add data on Desktop A it will be sync immideately. Now what does happen when Deskop A is down, and NAS A and NAS B are up? Does NAS B sync from NAS A altough the folders are set as read only??