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  1. I forgot to thank you for the help and I understand the reasons for the end of support. I moved to OSMC instead of OpenElec for various reasons and it works fine !
  2. Ok, I'm glad you found the problem. I will keep en eye on OpenElec updates.
  3. Thanks @Remirus but the result is the same. Feel free to ask me if you need more information, I can install dbg if needed.
  4. Hi Remirus, Thanks for the version, but I experience the same error. Also, I cannot use the deb packages since the openelec distribution has no package manager.
  5. Hi, On my Raspberry Pi (model B), the version 2.3.0 of btsync cannot run, I have a "segmenation fault" message, even if I only want to show help message. I run it with OpenElec distribution : http://openelec.tv/ I don't have this problem with previous versions. raspberry:~ # wget http://download-cdn.getsync.com/2.3.0/linux-arm/BitTorrent-Sync_arm.tar.gz Connecting to download-cdn.getsync.com ( BitTorrent-Sync_arm. 100% |***********************************************************************************************************************************************| 5097k 0:00:00 ETA raspberry:~ # tar -xzvf BitTorrent-Sync_arm.tar.gz LICENSE.TXT README btsync raspberry:~ # ./btsync --help Segmentation fault I currently use the version 2.2.7 http://download-cdn.getsync.com/2.2.7/linux-arm/BitTorrent-Sync_arm.tar.gz Thanks for your help edit : Of course, I have the same behavior with the URL used on the download page http://download-cdn.getsync.com/stable/linux-arm/BitTorrent-Sync_arm.tar.gz