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  1. It seems that WD OS 5 takes time to index and runs in the background. I've seen my free space increase all by itself. But I'm no expert.
  2. Thank you Andy+, this is where I got the current BIN file. But it won't load. Here's what Resilio Supprt just wrote to me ... Daria Kiselyova (Sync) Oct 29, 2020, 0:07 GMT-11 Hello,Thank you for letting us know! We're currently working on the solution. We'll contact you back asap, when we have the fix. Best regards, Resilio Support Team
  3. Western Digital has released a major firmware update (My Cloud OS 5). BIN file needs to be reinstalled. Current MyCloudPR4100_ResilioSync_2.7.2.1375.bin won't install. "Incomplete app download. Please check your device's Internet connection and try again." https://shop.westerndigital.com/en-au/support/software/my-cloud-os Any plans for Resilio to support the new WD OS 5?