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  1. Hello Helen, thank you for your replay. I connected the Sync Folders by manual Connection. I started on the Mac OS X Server. There i created the First read and Write Folder in Sync application. Then connect my folder (with the files) from USB Drive to the Sync-folder. I copy the read and Write key and created the folder on my Nas by using the manual Connection. The USB Drive on the Mac Server is always on. When i connect the Shared Volume (on the Mac Server) by a Client Mac, i can See, copy or change the Files. i thought it Must be a permission Problem. Sync can´t change the fi
  2. I tried many Times to get my configuration working, but a have Problems to get it synced in the right way. This is my Setup: Mac OS X Server (on the mainoffice) <--> synology Nas (on the mainoffice) <--> synology Nas (homeoffice) All my Volumes on the Server and the Nas are allready populated (> 1TB). The files and Folders are synced with a different Backup Tool. So the files are the Same on each Client. I found the following workaround for prepopulated Folders: make the First folder on the Mac OS X Server. I Pause Sync when the Index is ready. On the First Clien
  3. Hallo, are there any limitations by syncing on raid systems? I try to sync between a Mac OS X Server and two synology nas Systems. The two nas Systems Sync very well, but the on the Mac Server don´t. The raid on the Mac Server is a Lacie Storage (raid 5) pluged in by USB Port. Are there limititations by using harddrives over USB? Trank you for informations.