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  1. Hello Helen, thank you for your replay. I connected the Sync Folders by manual Connection. I started on the Mac OS X Server. There i created the First read and Write Folder in Sync application. Then connect my folder (with the files) from USB Drive to the Sync-folder. I copy the read and Write key and created the folder on my Nas by using the manual Connection. The USB Drive on the Mac Server is always on. When i connect the Shared Volume (on the Mac Server) by a Client Mac, i can See, copy or change the Files. i thought it Must be a permission Problem. Sync can´t change the files on the Server. On my Nas it works.
  2. I tried many Times to get my configuration working, but a have Problems to get it synced in the right way. This is my Setup: Mac OS X Server (on the mainoffice) <--> synology Nas (on the mainoffice) <--> synology Nas (homeoffice) All my Volumes on the Server and the Nas are allready populated (> 1TB). The files and Folders are synced with a different Backup Tool. So the files are the Same on each Client. I found the following workaround for prepopulated Folders: make the First folder on the Mac OS X Server. I Pause Sync when the Index is ready. On the First Client i make manual Connection (Read-Write on every Client) and wait to Finishing the Index. Then connect. When i connect the third Client (Nas at the homeoffice) he start to send over 30.000 files to the Server and 600 to the Nas at the mainoffice. The First thing that i am confused about it. Because i had back up all the Data before starting to work with Sync. 'The mainproblem is on the Mac OS X Server! He cant Download the files. No such file or directory. It seems the Server made mistakes by set up the Database for all his files and Folders. The next thing is, when i Setup a folder on Sync i chose read and Write for the folder. New folder -> Name "xy example" -> read and Write. When i Click in the Sync web gui on the folder xy example there are two options: deleted files to Archiv and overwrite changed files. But overwrite changed files is not possible to Click on. I have no permissions??? on the First step i can give read and Write permissions but cant change files. I am confused. Can anyone help?
  3. Hallo, are there any limitations by syncing on raid systems? I try to sync between a Mac OS X Server and two synology nas Systems. The two nas Systems Sync very well, but the on the Mac Server don´t. The raid on the Mac Server is a Lacie Storage (raid 5) pluged in by USB Port. Are there limititations by using harddrives over USB? Trank you for informations.