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  1. There you go. Learn something new everyday. Thanks for the links. It was not checked.
  2. Does no one have any idea on how to regain the right-click menu items for selective sync? I installed 2.4.4 again (over the top of 2.4.4) and no change.
  3. iMac Mac 10.12.2 Sync 2.4.4 I have turned on Selective Sync for three folders inside the Resilio Sync folder. A day later the files are still there. I also can right click on a .jpg file inside one of the folders and I don't see the Sync delete/remove options. Any ideas how to get this working?
  4. Not such a massive brain fart I guess. When I link my mobile to my desktop selective sync is really not an option minus the entire folder. If I want selective sync on a file by file basis for each shared folder, I have to link each folder. Bummer.
  5. Link device. Scan QR Code. Massive brain fart. I guess it has been so long since I had to mess with BTS/RS I just forgot.
  6. I upgraded to an iPhone 7 from a previous iPhone. I restored from an iCloud backup and that went really smooth. I opened up BTS on the iPhone today and it is empty. No folders. I remember setting up each folder I wanted to have access to on my previous iPhone (I use 100% selective sync on my iPhone). Now, I am wondering why I can't input my license and have it match my desktop at home. Am I missing something or do I need to go back and link back up every folder? Also, will the new app help with this issue in anyway. (It stinks to know I have to do this every time I update to a new phone). Thank you
  7. +1 here. BTS is draining the battery on my 12" MacBook. 95% CPU usage when nothing appears to be going on.
  8. No. Nothing is being indexed or synced that I can tell using the visual indicators within the BTS app. 99.5% CPU, 23 Threads, 23 Threads, 11 Idle Wake Ups and this goes on and on and on and never stops. Sorted by CPU usage the next item is at 1.7% (kernel_task). It is killing my battery and that is why I noticed. I also have the activity monitor displaying the CPU usage in the dock and it is non stop until I quit BTS.
  9. I just picked up a new 12" MacBook. BTS is using a lot of CPU resources. I have 8GB of ram and have the 1.2GHz model. This always happens coming out of sleep (shutting the lid on the MacBook and coming back later to pick up where I left off). I did not have this problem on my MacBook Air 11" mid 2013 that I had before this 12" MacBook. If I quit BTS, restart, everything goes back to normal until I shut the lid. Any thoughts on this? Anything I can do or some cache I can clean to help this? Update: I downloaded BTS and drug it into the Applications folder over the existing BTS App. Rebooted my MB and now it is constantly reporting high CPU usage. No files are being transferred in or out. Most folders on this computer are using Selective Sync.
  10. I will check what version I am using. I did try to apply the license via "manual connection" and it did not work.
  11. I think it would be nice to create a "link" of shared folders for quick deployment. Playing around with Sync, if you are not just syncing everything from another Devoce, it is time consuming setting up the shares. Why not be able to create a "link" for groups because not everyone needs to see everything.
  12. I am getting this message on my main Mac after the 2.3.3 update.
  13. Mac OS X 10.1.3 2.3.3 installed and to access the Sync Pro "menu bar" items after opening BTS, I have to click on the desktop, then back on BTS to get access to BTS Menus. Heads up.
  14. Back at the Raspberry PI 2 B and I just crossed the 10 folder limit. I have Pro features by default for the first 30 days. However, I do have a Pro license. How can I apply this license to the RP2B? There is not "Licenses" option above the Help menu item underneath the gear cog menu.
  15. Thanks! I did not know where to find the file. You gave me the missing piece. Thanks to @iswrong and @RomanZ. Really appreciate it.