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  1. The new one time share feature is great! It could be more useful, however, if the shared file was synced in the background to any linked devices for that identity, so that if the sharing device (say a laptop or a phone) go offline, the file can still be shared. It also allows faster downloading by the receiving peer since it can receive from multiple peers. This would be particularly great with an "encrypted peer" linked device type, but I've saved that for my other post today...
  2. I'd like to see the ability to link a device, but for it only to receive the encrypted version of an encrypted folder. I have an Ubuntu VPS acting as an encrypted peer, receiving only the encrypted copy of my synced folders. It's a big pain to have to log in, tunnel the web interface to the local machine, then use the GUI to add the encrypted folder key and choose a storage location. It'd be nice if there was an automated way to add these folders, perhaps some kind of "encrypted peer" linked device type for an identity.
  3. I tried this recently and Sync ended up re-syncing all of the (rather large) files in the moved folder (moved within the same share). Disappointing... I though the checksum method would allow Sync to figure out that they were the same files a la what Dropbox does when you do the same thing.
  4. +1 - this is the one major gap remaining in BTsync for me. I'd love something like this!
  5. +1 on this... the uncertainty is confusing.
  6. Now that encrypted folders are part of BTsync, it would be great to have affordable options for setting up cloud peers. I'd love to see the option to connect to many of the various cloud storage services out their via their APIs. My personal favourite (due to cost) is B2. $5/month per TB is pretty hard to argue with. The challenge is getting my BTsync encrypted folder onto B2, a process that currently requires a separate VPS and some CLI magic. It would be great if there were a simple, built-in way to go about this. Besides B2, there's Dropbox, Google, S3 etc. etc. etc. - many options open up once this functionality is available. To hold off the naysayers... yes, you can spin up your own VPS or host a NAS somewhere. Those are great options. This adds to those options for something more redundant, affordable and geography-less.