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  1. Hi, I've got what feels like a stupid question about using Sync. I've got 2 harddrives on 2 pc's with mostly the same stuff on them but on each there are a few different things that I've downloaded separately. I want to sync them so they both have everything on them that the other has. i.e. I want to add anything from Drive A that isn't on Drive B and visa versa. But will Sync work that way or if there is something on one drive that's not on another will it be deleted?
  2. Hello, I'm brand spanking new to Sync so pardon my relative ignorance. I'm can't get it to work consistently. It's set to run on startup and appears to do it. But if I go to 'hidden icons' in Windows 7 the Sync icon is there but disappears when I go to click on it and Task Manager is not showing it running. If I then launch it again it will be up and running for 5 minutes before apparently crashing again. Most of the time I don't get any crash or error message. It just disappears. Just now it crashed and I got a message saying "BitTorrent Sync has crashed. Unable to generate crash dump. R