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  1. Nevermind, this motivated me to get Resilio Sync working in Docker - thanks for that! I'm all set now.
  2. Hello! I've been using Resilio Sync for quite a while - I like it a lot. Thanks! With the newly released 2.6.2-1 for Synology DSM, I've encountered some behavior that's different from previous versions. When starting up, Resilio Sync now creates a top-level shared folder named "Resilio Sync". Would it be possible to disable that? I have a generic 'sync' shared folder that includes Dropbox and Google Drive, and I've configured Resilio Sync to write to a subfolder there, too. When I go to delete the top-level "Resilio Sync" shared folder, I'm told it's in use by the Resilio Sync service. When I stop the service, I can delete the folder, but it's recreated when starting up the service again. Thanks!