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  1. Hi, no comments on this issue? From my point of view this is really annoying and the reason why I stick with BTsync 2.3.7. Regards
  2. Hi, is there any news about this "function"? Will this be implemented? Regards
  3. Hi, I am using Resilio 2.4.1 on a windows platform, installed as a service. I was used to the situation, that non-synced folders appear in light-grey in the webinterface. Now Resilio creates the corresponding folders with file placeholders and as a result these folders appear in dark grey in the webinterface. This circumstance makes it difficult to distinguish between folders with already synced files and empty folders with placeholders. Is there a way to fix this? Thank you Regards
  4. Okay, I hope this will be fixed soon since this is a big restriction of usability. Is there a plan to implement this in the upcoming releases? Best regards
  5. Hi, i have encountered a strange behavior concerning the selective sync function. When I (selective) sync a folder on device A, all subfolders and files are synced as intended. But when new files from device B were stored in this folder, they were not automatically synced to device A altough this folder was chosen to sync. On device A I have to click again on the sync button in the webinterface for each new subfolder and file which was created by device B. This is annoying since a check of the web interface is always necessary. The described problem occurs on windows and synology. Furthermore I have a proposal to improve the selective sync functionality. When I pick files and folders from selective sync folder I would like to have always the opportunity to click "sync" for the whole folder afterwards, in case I decide to sync it completly. Best regards