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  1. @GreatMarko I'm not sure if you read the above comments. Could you share some light on this topic?
  2. This would be a really cool feature. I too have a couple of shares with a custom ignore list. It is really a pain to manually copy them over all the nodes.
  3. I second @iswrong . I don't think btsync should be thinking about local encryption of files. In windows you've got bitlocker und on each individual other platform you've got something equivalent.
  4. I would love to see this feature in the next version of btsync! Make it like you have in the standard bittorrent client. It would be a great start and you've already got the code for it.
  5. Really good post indeed! I too think that using service accounts as a default would make this feature really complete.
  6. Well, the thing is, if I add a standard folder it doesn't ask me that confirmation. It only asks when I add an encrypted folder. It's more about UI consistency. Actually, the thing that bothers me the most about that warning is the word "destination". I'm choosing a *source* not a destination. This leads to questions that @PaulU correctly deducted. The next thing that I find strange is that if I already have a standard folder (that is currently syncing on multiple machines), then it should be possible to add an encrypted target to that mesh. Currently I can only see the RO and RW keys. It would be really great if you could add a feature that "converts" a standard RW/RO keyset into a RW/RO/E keyset.
  7. Hi, I'm trying out the encrypted folder feature, which sound really great! There is just one thing that is troublesome. When adding an encrypted folder I first select the down arrow beside the "Add Folder" and select "Encrypted folder". I naturally select a folder that I want to back up encrypted on an unsecure server. After having selected the folder, I am prompted with a confirmation "Destination folder is not empty. Add anyway?". What exactly should this mean? Am I only supposed to select an empty folder?! I thought the idea was to be able to sync an existing folder to another destination but encrypted. Did I get something wrong? Thanks for any reasoning Loris