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  1. Trying the beta build (2.6.10006) now - will keep posted if the problem returns.
  2. @Gane O'dwyer Thanks. I just opened support ticket #85314. Will keep this thread updated as well.
  3. reference post: Regarding this (old) issue. I'm running Sync 2.6.0 on a few devices (Mac Mini, MacBook, iOS, Synology NAS). Every day or so, I am finding in Settings > Identity that there are duplicate devices being created. E.g. "macbook" will show up 4 or 5 times. When I see this, I can shut down Sync, go into the Sync storage folder e.g. $HOME/Library/Application Support/Resilio Sync/.SyncUserXXXXXXXX/ and examine the info.dat files to see which duplicate identity belongs to which device. Then I can throw away all the duplicates, keeping only the most recent identity (1 for each device). But this is very tedious to do, and I don't understand why it's happening. I think it may have something to do with connecting to VPNs - which I do a lot from my macbook, maybe Sync is seeing the network change and somehow (mis)detecting it as a whole new device? Not sure. I have already tried a "full reset" - unlinking all devices, deleting Sync and then re-installing/re-linking folders. This didn't work, and I am still finding that the dupes are appearing regularly. This is mostly an annoyance/cosmetic issue since the actual Sync functionality is working normally. But I'd like to see it get fixed, as it apparently has been a known issue for at least 3 years... edit: before someone suggests it, I've already gone into power user preferences and set peer_expiration_days to 0. All that does is help keep the peer list down, so instead of saying "peers online: 2 of 9" it will say "2 of 2" - but it does nothing to prevent or remove the zombie identities.
  4. Just saw in the release notes that this is fixed in 2.6.1 Confirmed here, it's working for me! Thanks so much
  5. Thanks, just submitted ticket & logs via the app. Also added some pics to the top post.
  6. I updated to iOS12 dp 8 this morning and re-tested. Bug still the same. What is the correct way to contact the support team, and what should I send them? (screen recording? logs?) Thanks
  7. Ok thank you I appreciate it. FYI I am running the iOS12 developer beta 6 if that makes any difference (iPhoneX). I am happy to help test/debug this if needed just let me know, I have Testflight installed as well.
  8. Trying out the new integration with iOS native Files app. I was trying to save a small PDF from Scanner Pro to a folder in my ResilioSync hierarchy. In the top right corner, a spinner was shown but it sat there forever (I waited about 5 minutes) and never "completed". I hit "Cancel" thinking it failed, but when I opened the Sync app, the file was there after all. I tested and replicated this 3 or 4 times - same every time. (No problem using the same workflow but saving to iCloud Drive instead) Is this a bug in Sync app? edit: adding a couple of screenshots: 1. about to save... 2. saving... (spinner never goes away, you have to hit "Cancel" -- but then the file actually does end up being saved)
  9. luckman212

    MacOS High Sierra - Statusbar color wrong

    Not that I agree with the policy, but it seems like they do this as a sort of "2nd public beta" : after the release, power users who know to manually check and install the new version can get it. After another few weeks/months (if there are no showstopper bugs) I believe the new version is pushed to the autoupdate URL.
  10. luckman212

    MacOS High Sierra - Statusbar color wrong

    You have to look...
  11. luckman212

    MacOS High Sierra - Statusbar color wrong

    2.6 was released this week actually and the bug has been fixed
  12. luckman212

    Power User Prefs: parallel_indexing?

    Just following up, I enabled this on a few devices. Nothing has blown up yet. So far so good! Any new releases coming?
  13. luckman212

    Power User Prefs: parallel_indexing?

    Ok so I will try enabling it. Thanks!
  14. screenshot: Can anyone explain what this setting does? It sounds like it enables multi-threaded indexing/hashing of files? Seems like this would be desired on multi core CPUs -- defaults to 'false' but should we enable this? There's no mention of it at thanks Sync (macOS)
  15. luckman212

    RC build

    At last, the train is moving again! Installed on 2 machines (Mac, Sync Home Pro). So far no issues. I really like the graphs! 😉