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  1. @tjluoma Thanks for your always thoughtful comments. I agree we need to cut the Resilio team some extra slack for being much smaller than the "big guys". Throw the joys of 2020 on top of that and the slack on that rope should double at least. It's clear to me and to a lot of other power users that Resilio Sync is a superior technology vs the bloated stuff from the big cloud companies like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive etc. With the added benefit of privacy. Which is why I continue to stick with it for now. BUT that being said, it would go a LONG way towards restoring confidence in this amazing (but, let's all be honest, very much stalled) product if the devs would pop in here once in a while and give us a "hey we're alive, yes we're working on X,Y,Z and it's looking like a summer 2021 timeframe". The silence is deafening and I think that more than any performance issues or minor bugs, is what's got some of us worried.
  2. Specs: Resilio Sync 2.7.2 (1375) - HomePro license macOS 11.0.1 Mac Mini 2018 - 3.2 GHz 6-Core Core i7 / 32GB RAM / 1TB SSD Is anyone else seeing high CPU usage from the main Sync process? This is bugging me, and restarting the app or the entire system does not resolve it. This is on a totally idle system, with no activity in the synced folders. Not sure what it's doing or how to debug this. No errors or warnings in the logs... I know it's unlikely anyone from @ResilioInc will respond to this, but thought I'd throw it out there in case... I searched here but only found some very old/stale threads with no resolution.
  3. @kalambet Did you do any more digging? Very interesting find, it'd be nice to see closure on this one.
  4. @John Fisher and @tjluoma Seems to work "ok" for me as well - with 2 cosmetic gotchas: 1. The menubar icon is dark on dark so you have to really squint to find it. This is crazy low contrast: 2. If you add your Sync folder to the Finder's sidebar, for some reason it shows up with a generic document icon instead of a folder: I tried deleting the folder and creating a new one, making sure it doesn't have any custom icon, and no extended attributes, no hidden "Icon?" file etc. No idea why it's doing this.
  5. @Andy+There's nothing in that link about `# comment...` lines or how they are parsed. Those entries such as #SynoRecycle are being placed by default which is why I am asking about them here - it seems ambiguous.
  6. @RomanZ / @kos13 / @Helen Can someone clarify this please?
  7. I had that same thought too TJ 🙂 Somehow I doubt it though. That would almost be too clever. Hope someone from the mother ship can give us an official answer though.
  8. It appears that lines beginning with "#" would be skipped when parsing the IgnoreList, since at the top we have lines like # IgnoreList is a UTF-8 encoded .txt file that helps you specify single files, paths and rules # for ignoring during the synchronization job. It supports "?" and "*" wildcard symbols. But, in the default IgnoreList for new folders, these 3 lines also exist (seems related to Synology Drive app): #recycle #snapshot #SynoRecycle I am assuming that this is either a mistake, or somehow this isn't working because I guess these lines would be "ignored by the IgnoreList itself" 🤔
  9. a little more... After reading this page again, it seems like maybe there is an API but it is quite hidden and difficult to enable(?). Looks like possibly if the `api_key` value is configured in sync.conf then the API might be enabled. But, there is no sync.conf anymore, just bencoded settings.dat which is protected with salted hash. At this page, there is a link to Python2 script which can decode the encrypted settings.dat file—but how can this be turned back into a valid settings.dat? Reading this page it looks like it may be possible to run Sync in configuration mode by placing a copy of sync.conf in the Storage Folder(?). But again, how to take a configured settings.dat and convert to plaintext sync.conf format? I am not sure if this is the right path to take to enable the API? Please Help @RomanZ or @Helen ! 🙂
  10. Coming back 1 year later to this idea 🙂 Today I again found that one of my folders was no longer syncing - it had a red Exclamation (!) mark and said Database error (link to KB article: I had to Disconnect, manually sync the folders on all peers using rsync, and then re-connect to clear this up. RslSync version was 2.7.1 on all peers. Apparently the sync had been broken for >1 week and I was not aware of it. Some sort of API / alerts / commandline method to query status would have really helped here! Is there any chance this could be coming in the future?
  11. This is great news, and a very nice surprise! Thank you all so much Stay healthy & safe
  12. Can you please post the solution publicly? It would benefit others...........
  13. Now Resilio Connect is at v2.8 -- hope Sync Pro gets a new desktop build soon... still at 2.6.x 😞
  14. Will there be a new release of Sync soon? It's been awhile. Is this still the latest beta version?
  15. I would buy some Resilio swag too!
  16. Pretty quiet around here...too quiet
  17. What type of system(s) are these? Linux, macOS, Windows? Should be pretty easy to periodically run a script that compares the hash of a file to a previously known value and does something when it changes. If your system is Linux you can run the script every minute with cron etc. Here's a bash script I slapped together... you'll need the sha256sum binary, which you can get for just about any platform. See GNU coreutils or if you're on macOS and have Homebrew, `brew install coreutils`. This won't work for Windows but something similar can be done in PowerShell if needed. #!/usr/bin/env bash function calculateHash() { sha256sum "$srcfile" >"$oldhash" return } [ $# == 0 ] && { echo "usage: $0 <filename>"; exit; } srcfile="$1" fName="${srcfile##*/}" oldhash="/tmp/$fName.sha256sum" if [ ! -e "$oldhash" ]; then echo "creating hashfile for $fName" calculateHash exit fi if sha256sum -c --quiet "$oldhash"; then echo "hashes match, taking no action" else echo "file change detected! doing stuff..." # do stuff here # calculateHash fi
  18. I noticed today just by accident that one of my folders was stuck at 100% - sync was not completing for some reason. I had to enable debug mode and found a file that had a weird resource fork for whatever reason was causing the sync to hang. I deleted that file, restarted Sync on both ends and it was green again. So the question is: I would like to know if there is any way to get the sync status via command line / Terminal / bash? I would make a periodic script (cron, LaunchAgent on mac etc) to run and if the sync is not complete then maybe pop a notification, send an alert to Pushover etc. Bonus points if the command could output in an easy to parse format such as JSON. maybe e.g.: $ rslsync --status [foldername] { "status": [ { "name": "folder1", "peer_count": 4, "sync_complete": false, "unsynced_files": 2, "file_count": 4124, "total_bytes": 104230636, "last_change": 1559231815 }, { "name": "folder2", "peer_count": 3, "sync_complete": true, "unsynced_files": 0, "file_count": 192, "total_bytes": 5263463, "last_change": 1559215804 } ] } (In the above example, last_change represents a timestamp in Unix epoch time) I see there is (was?) an API but I am not sure if it's supported anymore and I checked the API docs and don't see any method there to query for sync status anyway. This would be so useful... please
  19. Hey guys I saw Rsl Connect is up to 2.7.x now. So I assume core sync engine is up to 2.7, which is also used by Rsl Sync Home /Pro. Is there going to be an updated client release soon? Thx
  20. Old thread but- what was the eventual solution for this? @kos13 Can IgnoreList function be enhanced to differentiate between files & folders? e.g. "Icon\r" might be safe to ignore as a file, but as a Folder name a user might want to include it... Regex would be very nice as well instead of just simple ? and * wildcards...
  21. Really strange. I guess there was something broken on the global tracker. Can anyone from Resilio comment so we know it wasn't some kind of hack etc? @Helen or @RomanZ ?
  22. Still not sure WHY this worked, BUT in case it helps anyone... what I did was revert from the "Service Mode" to "Standard App Mode". Something about running it as a Windows service was preventing sync. Again, not sure what or why (firewall disabled, nothing else changed in the environment afaik). To do this, I re-installed Resilio Sync in non-service mode. Then I copied the contents of "C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Roaming\Resilio Sync Service" into "%APPDATA%\Resilio Sync" and just disabled the service for now. Then I ran Resilio Sync.exe—folders were picked up and peers were restored and began syncing immediately.