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  1. I want MORE speed. I have 2 active file servers in 2 different sites that currently does syncing (RW) between. I've had a # of problems with Resilio (2.5.10 [upgraded to 2.5.12 and same issue]) where it'll lose the "sync status" and run a full verify/rehash which takes about 2 weeks which is INSANE. The "big" sync folder is 1.03TB, 584k files, 202k folders. I'm looking to add a 2nd peer in both sites, so if this happens again, it'll run a resync from the same site over 1Gb connections than 100Mb VPN which sadly peaks at about 2Mb since I have "too man small files" per support.

    Should the 2nd peer in each site be Read Only, or is Read/Write a better approach? I'm considering this:

    OPTION 1

    Site 1 = RW Peer & Read Only Peer

    Site 2 = RW Peer & Read Only Peer

    OPTION 2

    Site 1 = RW Peer & RW Peer

    Site 2 = RW Peer & RW Peer

    That way if something happens to the RW Peer in either site, it can quickly re-sync via the R Peer. Any comments? Thanks,.

  2. MTU is a factor going through a firewall with and without VPN. Sure there is SOME overhead with vpn, but allow WAN acceleration in the LAN or WAN setting. Makes no sense to restrict it.

    And there was a Resilio article that talked about improving sync performance by disabling encryption. So, it seems we have a conflict here.

    Right now I'm doubtful until I see #"s that WAN acceleration works with low latency high speed connections. That's what I have.


  3. I have 2 Win 2012 R2 Server end points (24GB memory each) connected via 100Mb VPN tunnel. From my testing, I haven't noticed any differences with and without WAN Acceleration enabled. Are others seeing similar or different? WAN Acceleration feedback would be appreciated.

    My Setup

    2 x Windows 2012 R2 Resilio w/24GB memory (using only about 1.1GB)

    Resilio 2.5.10 as a service

    Resilio LAN encryption OFF

    869k+ Files

    1.58TB+ Sync Amount

  4. The SOURCE Peer is uploading to the TARGET Peer which is downloading. Notice from my screenshot, that upload shows 3.2KB/s and the download is 9.3MB/s. Looks like a bug to me.

    CORRECTION: This sync folder has 3 peers. I'll re-run the test. The 3rd peer is on a VERY slow circuit. I'll bet the same issue will occur.

    SOURCE is running 2.5.8 (Windows)

    TARGET is running 2.4,4 (Windows)

    Resilio_Speed is Not Even Remotely Accurate.png

  5. Resilio support offering me to beta test some internal build of 2.5 to see if it fixes the "disappearing peers". No thanks on beta testing a version. I downgraded to 2.4.5 and my setup (2 peers over VPN tunnel w/using predefined and just the Search LAN) instantly started working again. I'm still waiting for the working 2.4.5 index/syncing to catch up for about 5-6 days of outage. I'm still pissed about that.

  6. Resilio support contacted me on Wed, almost 24 hrs from this Tue post, and 5 days LATER from the original ticket opening offering me to beta test some internal build of 2.5 to see if it fixes the "disappearing peers". No thanks on beta testing a version. I'm still waiting for the working 2.4.5 index/syncing to catch up for about 5-6 days of outage. I'm still pissed about that.

  7. The version of Resilio which was experiencing this issue was Windows 2.5.7 64 bit edition. There's no way I'm upgrading ANY of my systems (Windows, Mac, QNAP) which running well under 2.4.x to 2.5.x until Resilio documents it's fixed in their future release notes and folks stop reporting problems in the forums. These forums are more valuable than support, which is sad.

  8. I had the same issue and opened a ticket with support and they weren't helpful (that's being nice, they literally wasted my time and told me in the end this, is normal that the connections keep going off-line on a "busy server". Over 5 days of outages). In the end, I decided to downgrade to 2.4.5 (I strongly recommend you save all your versions and # them) and peers returned and syncing is working. Overall, it appears the newer versions are having more and more issues. I don't upgrade unless there is a specific issue now. I'm very pissed at support.



  9. I had attempted all the fixes in that other article above "Sync 2.5 no peers" and they didn't work. Downgrading both peers to 2.4.5 instantly fixed the connection issue and syncing has returned. I'd recommend EVERYONE avoid 2.5.x until this issue is fixed or be prepared to downgrade to 2.4.5. I'm so pissed with support for taking 5 days on this and not realizing 1) this is a known 2.5 issue & 2) to not recommend downgrading to 2.4.5.


  10. I hate to post my responses to support, but support claims " The thing is that Sync is busy" and that's why it's showing off-line. I'm pretty pissed at this. I suspect 2.5.7 has real problems. I'm considering downgrading back to 2.4.1 since 2.5.7 is simply not working and others are dealing with the same and support has NO IDEA.

  11. Correct, case #65666 was responded to ON Thursday of last week. NO response since Fri, which is 5 days ago. So, 5 days of outage so far.


    Yes, there's another license which is monthly business subscription. I reported the SAME exact issue. Here is the case # for the business ID. case (#65721). For the business ID case, I received a SINGLE response in 24 hours and it was requesting a screenshot of the developer tools console. That's it. I'll be opening another Forum ticket WARNING people about Resilio support. I'm very disappointed in support.

  12. Running service mode on Windows.

    On startup the web UI is blank for a few hrs and then shows information and then goes blank again. There are over 80 compressed 5MB logs files in between this. Tried with Firefox, Chrome, and IE. Within Chrome under Developer Tools - Console, I see the following.  Any ideas? Also, this is a PRODUCTION system (1.5TB w/800k+ files), so deleting folders and re-adding isn't viable. I emailed support but no response since last Thu. I sent in 2 more tickets and receive a request for a screenshot. Very disappointing, and I'm PAYING for the business license.

    Chrome Developer Tools Console shows the following

    app.js:46 start
    app.js:4 [Deprecation] Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user's experience. For more help, check
    send @ app.js:4
    :8888/gui/css/style.css Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)


    TX Peer_Dev Tools Console.png

  13. Your 1st screenshot was helpful and figured out a work-around to gain SSL access (port changed, not listed in config, and not available via app launch).

    For anyone reading this forum. Resilio Sync changed the QNAP NAS https port #. It's now running under 14860. BitTorrent Sync had it under 14859.

    The issues below still exist under 2.41. (672).

    - on my QNAPS, when you launch to gain access to Resilio Sync, I see the following warning that "Secure connections (https://) are not supported for this application. Are you sure you want to open it? [Yes] [No]". That's pretty bad. "Supported" means does not work. When in reality, they do. But the app is pointing to the wrong URL:port. Please fix this.

    QNAP No HTTPS Support.png

    After clicking Yes, you get this Auth Required dialog. One needs to know to access this IP via "https://ip:14860" and then it's https protected. In the config, I see no option to force this. This is a mistake. We should be able to "Require" HTTPS connections. The Windows client even offers ability to allow only local connections, which is more secure (not possible with a NAS).

    Clicking Open Results in HTTP Connection.png

  14. Thank you for clarifying @RomanZ that security is now #2 priority over #1 priority of more users. This is VERY troubling and to me, a VERY serious problem and prevents me from deploying any more Resilio. I've been a BTS user for a long time.


    EVERYONE: To NOT update to newer versions with Resilio since the QNAPs I've deployed Resilio under no longer support https. Resilio = NO SSL abilities for QNAP NASes.