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  1. I'm very surprised a company that is focused on security, would default to HTTP only and not allow from the Preferences to allow HTTPS. In the Sync WebUI on the NAS builds it shows "Connection settings overwritten by config" and I see no option for HTTPS even under "Open power user preferences" for version 2.4.1. Please advise how do I enable a secure connection for Resilio Sync. BT Sync enabled by default HTTPS, not so with Resilio. Thanks
  2. +1 Indexing progress is important. I even considered a competitor's tool to gain this functionality since I thought the Resilio app was broken. We need more feedback.
  3. Upgraded to 2.4.1 for x86 on QNAP NAS, and when I was on the BTS version I could do HTTPS, no more. Is this a known issue? Thanks
  4. Apologies, I didn't mean the EXACT same time on the SAME PC. But if I have the following, will this work. I want to slowly transition to Resilio, Win PC running BTS QNAP running BTS Win PC running Resilio Sync Mac running Resilio Sync And then slowly move 1 system over at a time. Thanks.
  5. I'm currently running BTS 2.3.8 and considering running Resilio, but wanted to know how running both versions together works (didn't see anything in the FAQ on upgrading). Ideally, I'd like to slowly switch over to Resilio on all my machines, NAS, and then some external users are running BTS, so I don't control them. Just want to make sure I can slowly switch over. -Ben
  6. Resilio is pushing 2.4 on upgrades, but I can't find info on new features (not on announcement page, email, or even under Features) especially the new Scheduled Syncs functionality. I'm trying to determine if the scheduled sync PER folder or per sync instance? For example., I have a large sync folder that has ISOs, and I only need to sync them once a day at night and the rest 24x7. From another poster's 2.4 RC change log. Thanks. Implemented sync schedule (Pro users only)
  7. I tested this under BTS 2.3.3 and this is how it works. If you use Encrypted folders and have 2 systems (1 w/encrypted data & 1 w/o encrypted data) and you "lose" the w/o encrypted one, AS LONG AS YOU have the key for "Read & Write" or "Read Only" (YOU MUST SAVE THIS BEFORE YOU LOSE THE w/o ENCRYPTED HOST) you can get your data back from the encrypted source. You can easily test this... 1) Setup an encrypted folder with 2 hosts ("encrypted" and "not") 2) shutdown the "not encrypted" host 3) add the "Read & Write" key into a brand new host and VIOLA your files come back. -Ben P.S. An Encrypted folder is really just READ ONLY and encryption. So, the "Read & Write" and "Read Only" keys are the decryption keys. Hence it works.