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  1. The change log is here - If you check this, you will see the 2.4.4 (and previous) changes.
  2. Hello, if you right click on the "placeholder" .rsls file, you can select "Sync to this device". I tested this on Sync 2.4.1 on Windows 10. This will make he file download for you. Hope this helps.
  3. Thanks @GreatMarko @Helen, the ignore *.partial works like a charm. Just wondering if any one is seeing another change in behaviour... Again, same setup. A 400MB mp4 file is downloaded from the internet to computerA. The sync interface shows that computerA is sending the file to computerB and likewise computerB interface shows that it is receiving a file from computerA. The network usage (task manager) also confirms that data is being transferred. However, there is no file placeholder on computerB until the file finishes. I used to see an icon with a blue circle showing the progress of the file, but now there is nothing, then ping the file appears in its entirety on computerB I don't mind too much, as the transfer does happen, it was just nice to see the progress. PS. AndroidA does show the progress, which makes sense considering that the android client hasn't changed.
  4. Hi, I will certainly test the exclusion of .partial files. I just checkedagain this morning and found another case of this. Logging in to computerA, i caught a pop-up message saying "Sync of Windows Weekly.mp4 failed as the file is locked". I guess this makes sense - if sync is trying to sync the .partial and then the podcast app tries to rename it, or simply that sync is trying to sync a file which is still in use (the podcast app is still writing to it), then we can end up with sync and the podcast app both trying to access the file. I will let you know how i get on excluding the .partial. Thanks for the idea...
  5. I have been using sync since 0.9 (or thereabouts, so I am very familiar with how it works). An annoying problem has appeared with 2.4. I saw this before with some previous 2.x version, but it got fixed a while ago. ComputerA is a windows 10 machine running sync in user mode. ComputerA has a podcast downloader on it - Juice 2.2. Juice checks every 90 minutes for podcasts and if there are new ones it downloads them, some MP3, most MP4. These can be several hundred MB in size. While it is downloading the podcast, it saves them as a .partial file and this grows until it is complete, then the file name is change to .mp3 or .mp4. ComputerA syncs with ComputerB and AndroidA. ComputerB is a windows 10 machine running in user mode and AndroidA is an android 4.4.1 device. What I am seeing since 2.4 was installed on computerA and computerB (AndroidA is running the latest androis sync version) is as follows ComputerA downloads the podcast - c:\Podcasts\PodcastA\podcastA.mp4 - this happens normally and there have been no changes with this part. ComputerA now has c:\podcasts\PodcastA\podcastA.mp4 (400MB) ComputerB has c:\podcasts\PodcastA directory (this was created by sync), but nothing inside it AndroidA has \PodcastA\podcastA.partial (7MB, 1MB, 50MB, just some size much smaller than the completed version on computerA) Renaming the podcastA.mp4 on computer1 does not change anything, I have to copy and paste podcastA.mp4 in the same directory on computerA and then the sync happens, resulting in this- computerA - podcastA.mp4 & podcastA-copy.mp4 computerB - podcastA-copy.mp4 androidA - podcastA-copy.mp4 As I mentioned earlier, this was something that I saw in an earlier version, but got fixed quite quickly, but now it is back again. Any ideas?
  6. I am not a lawyer. I would suggest that this is not a question about BTSync itself, but the nature of the material in question. If you choose to have illegal material in your possession, then that is up to you. Whether you wish to transfer that material from home to university via http, ftp, usb memory stick, or indeed btsync, it does not change the nature of the material. If you are sending your family photos from placeA to placeB, the mode of transport does not matter - the material is yours to do with as you wish. However, if the material is illegal for whatever reason, then it remains illegal. I would suggest that you contact the copyright owner of said material and ask them if they have any restrictions on how their material (because it is theirs), may be transported.
  7. Your plan is sound and you are quite correct. Adding COMPUTER-2 with the read-write key would achieve what you want. COMPUTER-1 and COMPUTER-2 would have unencrypted versions of the flies, while ALWAYS-ON-COMPUTER would only have the encrypted version. If COMPUTER-1 and COMPUTER-2 are online at the same time, then files would be synced directly between them, as well as ALWAYS-ON-COMPUTER. There is no way to force traffic to go a certain way, if all 3 machines are on at the same time, then you would have a "mesh" of 3 computers, with the data synced between all 3. The only difference would be that ALWAYS-ON-COMPUTER would be storing the encrypted versions of the files while COMPUTER-1 and COMPUTER-2 would have the unencrypted versions. Hope that helps,