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  1. @Roman Z Hey there. Looks like the most recent build fixed the crashing issues. Yaay! Thanks so much!
  2. Hey Guys, I had this issue too. 2.3.x doesn't point to the original .sync folder for whatever reason. When starting 2.3.x , you need to use the --storage option. For example, if my .sync folder was here: /root/.btsync/.sync then I would start the program like this: ./btsync --storage /root/.btsync/.sync See ./btsync --help for more options. Best, ~VDub
  3. @RomanZ I wanted to update my memory usage -- I've been monitoring things closely today, and I'm seeing memory usage around 740Mb I think. But again, this is under heavy load.
  4. @RomanZ Yeah, I monitored everything via htop. Memory usage around 41%. Seems to be similar to 2.2.x. OS is a core version of Ubuntu 15.04 (GNU/Linux 4.1.7v7-aufs armv7l) It is an option of BerryBoot. Syncing 19 folders with about 4TB of data. With many nested folders, large (4+TB [backups of virtual machines]) and very small files(eBooks, excel, pdf, etc). Using Rasberry Pi 2B. 2.2.x Will push my rPi to the max while syncing everything for the first time, but it is stable and doesn't quit. It seems like 2.3.x will actually work longer under heavy load (90mins), but seems to crash more quickly under less to no load (10-30mins). My build uses a default download of Ubuntu 15.04 CORE through BerryBoot. It is encrypted by berryboot. I have an encrypted usb drive connected to the rPi using crypt, that auto mounts. The bsync program runs in the root folder .btsync/btsync, and is running under the root user. Furthermore, I have to use the --storage /root/.btsync/.sync option when running btsync due to the change of how 2.3 finds the identity, config, etc. (Otherwise, when running 2.3.x it can't find the old folder from the 2.2.x and previous version, and wants me to start everything over.) I am not using a .config folder/file I hope this helps. Thanks so much for creating such an great piece of software! Oh, I run 2.3.3 on two Debian builds (not rPi architecture, rather in a VirtualMachine) and btsync works great!
  5. @RomanZ Yeah, I ran that command in the same window as starting Sync. But I didn't see a dump created when the program crashed. To clarify, my rPi isn't crashing. It works quite well actually, and is stable. It's just the Sync program that just "terminates". As a side note, I wanted to be sure nothing changed in my rPi, so I ran Sync 2.2.5(131) to be sure my rPi wasn't having issues or my syncdata wasn't causing the program crash. Version 2.2.5 ran all night and is still running perfect as always. So I'm not sure what is up with 2.3.x I'm surprised more people haven't reached out regarding this issue as the crash seems to affect both of my rPi setups.
  6. So I tried this build out, and it still crashes after about 90 mins. Here's the last few lines of the log: [20160303 16:56:09.689] SyncFolderNotify: SyncFolderNotify: "ID", event = "IN_CLOSE_WRITE" [20160303 16:56:09.689] [OnNotifyFileChange] "/mnt/WD_1/Programs/Programs/.sync/ID" [20160303 16:56:09.699] LF[204D]: LicenseFolder::IsActive(consumer): return TRUE, personal license [20160303 16:56:09.699] LF[204D]: LicenseFolder::IsActive(consumer): return TRUE, personal license [20160303 16:56:15.918] SyncFolderNotify: SyncFolderNotify: "ID", event = "IN_CLOSE_WRITE" [20160303 16:56:15.918] [OnNotifyFileChange] "/mnt/WD_1/Programs/Programs/.sync/ID" [20160303 16:56:21.849] SyncFolderNotify: SyncFolderNotify: "ID", event = "IN_CLOSE_WRITE" [20160303 16:56:21.850] [OnNotifyFileChange] "/mnt/WD_1/Programs/Programs/.sync/ID" [20160303 16:56:27.406] SyncFolderNotify: SyncFolderNotify: "ID", event = "IN_CLOSE_WRITE" [20160303 16:56:27.406] [OnNotifyFileChange] "/mnt/WD_1/Programs/Programs/.sync/ID" [20160303 16:56:33.480] SyncFolderNotify: SyncFolderNotify: "ID", event = "IN_CLOSE_WRITE" [20160303 16:56:33.481] [OnNotifyFileChange] "/mnt/WD_1/Programs/Programs/.sync/ID" [20160303 16:56:39.341] SyncFolderNotify: SyncFolderNotify: "ID", event = "IN_CLOSE_WRITE" [20160303 16:56:39.341] [OnNotifyFileChange] "/mnt/WD_1/Programs/Programs/.sync/ID" [20160303 16:56:45.861] SyncFolderNotify: SyncFolderNotify: "ID", event = "IN_CLOSE_WRITE" [20160303 16:56:45.861] [OnNotifyFileChange] "/mnt/WD_1/Programs/Programs/.sync/ID" [20160303 16:56:51.669] SyncFolderNotify: SyncFolderNotify: "ID", event = "IN_CLOSE_WRITE" [20160303 16:56:51.716] [OnNotifyFileChange] "/mnt/WD_1/Programs/Programs/.sync/ID" [20160303 16:56:58.295] SyncFolderNotify: SyncFolderNotify: "ID", event = "IN_CLOSE_WRITE" [20160303 16:56:58.309] [OnNotifyFileChange] "/mnt/WD_1/Programs/Programs/.sync/ID" I noticed the the license part of the log is close to the end of the last time it crashed. Furthermore, I tried to do a core dump, but because the rPi itself is stable, it didn't dump any crashes when I tried to use the aforementioned command. 2.2.x still works just fine and doesn't seem to crash. I'm at a loss. Thoughts?
  7. I'm testing now and will get back to you soon. Thanks so much.
  8. I actually am having this very same problem. I have an encrypted rPi setup, and was running btsync 2.2.x for months with no problem -- syncing to encrypted external 3TB hard drives. After updating to 2.3.3, the btsync seems to crash every 30-90minutes. I can't seem to figure out why. When i switch back to btsync 2.2.x, it seems to work fine... Is anyone else having this issue?