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  1. Yes, BTSync itself alone does NOT cause .conflict issue indeed. I cannot think of a rational "fix" either in this case! My cordova-cli need to re-prep each .html & assets on each build, causing this issue. (seemingly it cleans the directory and rebuild from ground up) Thanks for all your help and corrections. I do stand corrected thanks to you.
  2. Thanks for clear statement. Then "UTF-composition-issue" is kinda "wontfix" labeled then? (pretty sure this includes accented characters as well) While I understand your post, one weird thing is that I had only found this .conflict issue after half a year of BTSync usage. I've been developing a cordova app(hybrid app platform supporting multiple OS devices) and synced between W7 & OSX with no problem. Hmm. Anyways I think I could live with that, (maybe I could explicitly build up ios platform files on Windows machine then.) I'll find a workaround myself. Thanks!
  3. Symptom: Multiple .conflict files/folders happening on foreign characters Since: v2.3.3 (prior to 2.3.x did not had this issue) Similar to accented characters, Korean characters also seems to confuse BTSync between OSX & Windows. There had been some quirks between their foreign character compositions since decades ago regardless of BTSync. OSX saves "안녕하세요 (5 letters)" as "ㅇㅏㄴㄴㅕㅇㅎㅏㅅㅔㅇㅛ (12 separated consonants)" in a nutshell and then display it as final composition: "안녕하세요(back to 5 letters)", while Windows simply saves "안녕하세요" as "안녕하세요(5 characters)". :-S So in theor