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  1. How about for Android client? I don't see such an option there.
  2. Hash check would be a nice feature. I use it by default with my favorites copy software for Windows (TeraCopy and FreeFileSync). I used to have integrity problems in the past when using Windows Explorer copy and some cheap USB HDD case. Copy was always completed well, but some photos became to be broken (artifacts, photos cut to half). That is when I've started to use software with verification after copy. I can imagine the same situation with BTSync if there is no hash check, especially when sync is being done over the Internet. Please consider adding such a feature (with an option
  3. @RomanZ Could you also explain how the files to be synced are being recognized? I have a 64GB card in my phone, that is aprox 40 000 files. Instead of selective sync I'd like to have my whole SD card synced on NAS. So the question is does the BTSync scan all the 40 000 files in some time periods to check if they have changed or there is some other method that informs BTSync only about the files newly created or changed? How is it then compared to other nodes?
  4. My NAS started to hibernate, but not without some extra configuration steps. Thanks for a link. It is helpful. I would just suggest 2 changes, as extra hints: 1. "Sync logging may also be a factor preventing your NAS from sleeping. To disable logging, create a debug.txt file in the storage folder and type "0" in it." It is not that obvious how and where to create debug.txt file, especially on NAS where you don't have a direct access to the system folders. Disabling "Enable debug logging" option helped me partially, preventing logging "Tracker requesting peers" every 5 minutes.
  5. Hello everyone. I am a Synology NAS user. I've started to use BTSync just recently. I like the solution very much, but I have encountered "the hibernation issue". As I can see your posts are quite old and BTSync still prevents the HDD to hibernate without extra configuration changes. That is sad it cannot be easily used "out of the box". I am now at version 2.2.5 (131). Has anything been changed regarding the "Tracker requesting peers" every 5 minutes? Because I can see it still occurs and there is no option to change that value.