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  1. This is a registered problem by Resilio (according to their support) but without any estimation to fix it. Due to this moved to syncthing permanently.
  2. That is a work around but not good behaviour of the app....
  3. The problem is that I can't kill it via embeded taskmanager of P20Pro. It is unkillable But I was able to kill it via "app settings in Android". And the android sleep settings are disabled for Sync.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm many years of Sync user and sync my data between computers, servers and mobile devices. Currently I have P20Pro with Android and sync some audiobooks and photos form/to this smartphone to my servers and desktops. But for already a year I experience a problem with Resilio Sync. It stops operating after several days of activity. It just don't connect to any other device and any other devices can't connect to the mobile. From the interface it looks like Resilio is fully workable but deep sleeps. So I can open interface, select folders but the program keeps rejecting
  5. Hello Everyone! I have around of ten folders syncyng through ten different devices. And its amount is increasing. Some of my folders have "Encrypted folders" feature and I have theses keys only for encrypted sotrage. But some folders don't have these "Encrypted folders" keys. So, the questions is - how can I can the Encrypted Folder key for an ordinary folder?