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  1. This is a registered problem by Resilio (according to their support) but without any estimation to fix it. Due to this moved to syncthing permanently.
  2. That is a work around but not good behaviour of the app....
  3. The problem is that I can't kill it via embeded taskmanager of P20Pro. It is unkillable But I was able to kill it via "app settings in Android". And the android sleep settings are disabled for Sync.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm many years of Sync user and sync my data between computers, servers and mobile devices. Currently I have P20Pro with Android and sync some audiobooks and photos form/to this smartphone to my servers and desktops. But for already a year I experience a problem with Resilio Sync. It stops operating after several days of activity. It just don't connect to any other device and any other devices can't connect to the mobile. From the interface it looks like Resilio is fully workable but deep sleeps. So I can open interface, select folders but the program keeps rejecting the synchronization. If I try to exit from Resilio - it can't. It is trying and trying to exit without any success. Only reboot helps. My preferences are: sync only at WiFi connection, doesn't sync if the battery is 15% and low. But connection to WiFi, 100% of battery and connected power sources - doesn't change anything. What to do and where to look for a solution?
  5. Hello Everyone! I have around of ten folders syncyng through ten different devices. And its amount is increasing. Some of my folders have "Encrypted folders" feature and I have theses keys only for encrypted sotrage. But some folders don't have these "Encrypted folders" keys. So, the questions is - how can I can the Encrypted Folder key for an ordinary folder?
  6. I can check the amount of connection at the router. It shows every connect wit its origin. Also I can use netstat or ss at Ubuntu and it demonstrates connections tied to apps. Too many means more than 300.... And it seems that they are too powerfull.
  7. Hello every one! I've faced a problem that is very curious. I have an installation of Resilio Sync at Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Headless x64 server that is connedted directly to open internet via ZyXel Giga II. I also have almost the same configuration (2Gb ram instead of 4Gb) that is located at grey internet site. I have a VPN L3 channel between these two sites with helpt of ZyXel and Ipsec server at the second Ubuntu. When I need to sync a couple of large (>1 Gb, movie rips) files from Ubuntu behind ZyXel to Ubuntu at the grey zone I have a trouble with the server and ZyXel. Resilio opens too much connections that almost freezes Ubuntu itself and ZyXel all together. If I stop Resilio - verything is fine. If I launch it - too many connections and great freezes. Is there a way how to reduce the total amount of connections at Linux Resilio?
  8. Hello Everyone! I'm thinking about securing usage of BTSync. Encrypted folders are superb but there is a lack of security. It is not in the manual but every instance of BTSync organizes a folder with name .SyncUser with numbers. This folder contains very sensitive information... It contains the keys! Imagine that you are using Synology or Windows. You installed BTSync, set it up, set some encrypted folders, use BitLocker or eCryptFS for your sensitive folders and think that everything is very secure. But.... But the problem is in the process how and where BTSync stores the keys and other core information. It stores that at .SyncUser forlder folders and files. For example, under Windows that folder locates at AppData\Roaming\BitTorrent Sync. And by default this folder is not protected with BitLocker (moverover most of the users don't understand where the BTSync is installed at all). The same thing with Synology or Ubuntu. So if this folder is not secured somehow then someone with admin account at the same computer can easily steal your keys. Or detach your HDD and attach it to another computer, get your private keys and steal all your data. You should pay attention to that and use BitLocker or eCryptFS folders to store BTSync .SyncUser folder. In a case of a server usage - use only encrypted BTSync folders or use BitLocker/eCryptFS with storing of the certificates in TPM module. That will be great if someone give me a clue for the following: a. how to move .SyncUser folder to an encrypted directory at Synology. b. tell me more about different files and directory names inside .SyncUser folder. Thank you in advance.
  9. Hello everyone! I use BTSync at a number of my devices including one Synology NAS. I use everywhere the latest version of BTSync. At NAS I use eCryptFS encrypted folder that have a limitation for the maximum file name length. When I try to synchronize other devices with NAS I can't do that because of the file length limitation. I have some files on other devices with filenames that are longer than the limit for eCryptFS at Synology and BTSync infinitely tries to sync them with NAS. It looks like a permanent indexing and a queue of files from other devices. Unfortunately there is no way how can I limit the length of the filenames in IgnoreList. So... Is there other options for that do?
  10. After updating Sync at Ubuntu headless server and re-indexing all the files and re-downloading missing files everything returned to the normal situation. I don't have anymore this "xxxx files are to bbbb". PS. BTSync process eats a little bit more process at Ubuntu even during idle but I need to monitor it.
  11. I've just sent it. Hope for a sollution
  12. Hi RomanZ! It seems that I have the same problem. I have a number of devices: two PCs, an Android, Synology and Ubuntu. All run BTSync (Windows the latest, NAS 2.2.5 and Ubuntu stable version from stable repo. Ubuntu BYSync is at a far remote server so I can't take a look to the version easily). All the devices are connected with sync of several keys/directories. And I see that my Windows PC and Synology tells me that every single directory has xxx files to Ubuntu. What to do? Which log to send you? And it is safe to send a log (it contains a great number of long number sequences)? Thank you in advance.