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  1. Hi, Is there a way to synchronize (up & down) a folder on a shared web host server ? I can't install any exe on server side . I would like users with an identified resilio sync key , share a web public site on their own computer with resilio sync home, then they don't have to use FTP to upload or download documents, plus they can get files uploaded from the server side. I found a freeware to sync a local folder with the website with FTP.... but it's a bit tricky. Any idea ? w°w
  2. 2.3.3. I don't know why it was not updated, may be I missed a version may be I missed to update after going back to another restore point last weeks. It's possible that Sync was not correctly shutdown, because I asked a reboot in safe mode before that happened with an admin tool, and it happened during that morning. But those parameters were saved since weeks.
  3. Hi, The first time it happened, it was my fault, I disconnected the hard drive with the files shared with another computer (both with owners attribute of files), then after the reboot, getSync launched on startup, it created a folder by itself and started to download files from the other computer. Then I had disconnect the folder in getSYnc GUI and suppress it to restart the sync. Another time, for an unkwnown reason, getSync decided by itself to re-create all my shared folders in the default path, and my C:\ drive went full in less than an hour. The shared folders cames from 2 different hard drives, so no possible reason that one of them was disconnected and not the another one. I had to resynchronise every folder. Is there a way to prevent this ? It's the third indexation I have to create with 2 To. (WIndows10). yours. w°w
  4. Ooops... sorry about the average speed, I got it, It's hidden by another app called "network monitor mini" to monitor the speeds, at the same place on screen. Anyway, the problem is in case there's a very long delay, sometimes, just after requesting a download to get it...there's no info, we don't know what's happening. And I have another problem with the mobile data, probably due to CCleaner app params, because every time I use the clean stuff, the mobile data seems to stop definately, and I have to re-install sync to get back the mobile data+sync works (well, it's not a request, and i need to test it again and report it in the troubleshooting part of the forum). May be it could be better to get the speed & info of every current request, than the general one.
  5. +1 ! For the index time.... And then, for the mobile version too, more info when it's downloading (what's happening during the time it is requested for example), plus more infos with the current (average) speed in kbps, if it is halted (that happens sometimes).