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  1. Many thanks for your reply and for the detailed explanation of how the encrypted folders feature works. I'll look into device encryption, or stick to encrypting files as necessary. John
  2. Hi folks, Apologies up front for the newbie question. I'm techie enough to get Resilio Sync working the way I want it - phone, tablet, and laptop all syncing via my Synology NAS. So far, so good. Recently, I've had to sync documents that contain 'sensitive info' as defined by the UK Data Protection legislation. I can, of course, encrypt and password protect files individually, but wondered if the encrypted folder feature of Resilio Sync worked to my advantage here. If I create an encrypted folder that was synced across all my devices, I take it that means that all the conta
  3. Hi folks, New user here, so apologies if this is a dumb question. I sync files between my Windows laptop and Android tablet via BTSync set up on my Synology NAS. Probably overkill, but it does mean I can get files on the go (via Android phone), if necessary. Anyway, I've just started using BTSync and noticed one quirk (which may be a feature). If I delete files on the NAS (or on the laptop), then they are deleted from the sync'd directory on the laptop (or NAS). However, they don't delete from the Tablet, although they are no longer listed on BTSync's list of sync'd files. If it