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  1. Thanks for your reply which is very helpful to me: It seems that the problem is somehow related to the installaion on my iPad Pro. On my iPhone 6 also 1-4 work perfectly with the same files and the same software versions (see EDIT2 above). I'll try to reinstall and similar stuff. If that does not help, I'll stick to 1. and 2.
  2. Hello Helen, thanks a lot for your reply! Based on your info I experimented some more and found out, that there are two way it works and two ways it does not work. So I guess I have to clarify what happens. The four ways I tested are: In Sync APP -> "(i)" -> Copy to PPT -> works In PPT App -> Send Copy -> With other App -> Copy To Sync -> works In PPT App -> open -> …More -> Locations -> Sync -> select file -> Error „This did not work and this file could not be opened“ In PPT App -> Save copy -> …More -> Locations -&g
  3. Hello, iOS has that special feature to send a file to another app (push file) oder to open a file from another app (pull file). These mechanisms are fundamental to work with files under iOS and thus they are fundamental to Resilio Sync. Unfortunately these mechanisms do not work. I tested this with PowerPoint and PDF Expert. PowerPoint: Can not open files from Resilio (error message). Can not save to Resilio (creates file with 0 bytes). PDF Expert: Can not open files from Resilio Sync (nothing happens at all). Especially with PDF Expert I never had any problems a
  4. Hello, if I sync a large encrypted disc image (Mac) which changes its contents from time to time, will Resilio sync the complete image every time or will it only sync changed blocks? Thanks in advance!
  5. Thank you, Helen. PROBLEM SOLVED! Launching from terminal gave me "Can't lock pid file. It seems Resilio Sync is already running with pid 54496" That was a great hint. I looked into Activity Monitor and did not find that process or any process related to Resilio. Then I did sudo ps aux | grep esil and found xxx 36581 0,0 0,3 2558260 23044 ?? Ss 8:39am 0:00.56 /Applications/Resilio xxx 81632 0,0 0,1 2564404 4664 ?? Ss So07pm 0:02.20 /Applications/
  6. Are we the only people who can not start Resilio anymore? Resilio team, anyone with an idea?
  7. Well, whatever the reason for this probem is, it demonstrates impressively that I can not rely on Resilio to keep my data. Too sad.
  8. Thanks for your answer. Where can I find the log file? I do not seem to have one... EDIT: Found. Contains only [21:24:47.972] Debug log mask has been set to 80000000 [21:24:47.972] Features mask has been set to 0 for each start. Seems that I disabled logging. Very smart
  9. Hello, Resilio does not start under Sierra. I double click on it an nothing happens. No Resilio process in activity monitor. I re-installed with no success. Is that a known problem or does anybody have an idea what could be wrong? Thanks in advance!
  10. Thanks a lot for your answer, Helen. Multicasts work fine, so I'll block ports 3000/3001 in my router. I do not want to share with others, so this will be a perfect solution. If I am out of my home, I connect to my home network using VPN. I recommend updating the iOS client with options to disable relay servers and trackers. Many people have privacy concerns these days. I'd even pay for such an app
  11. Hm, nobody can help? Maybe my question was not too understandable Next try: How can I force the iOS app to use local sync only (disable tracker and relay servers)?
  12. Hello, I sync files locally only (which is important for me) between iOS, Linux and OS X. But in iOS there are no settings to disable usage of tracker and relay servers. What happens now if I create a folder on iOS and add files? Will iOS-btsync connect to external systems to share my files? Is there a way to stop this? Thanks in advance!
  13. Thanks again, RomanZ. I tend not to search under the "( i )" symbol for settings, for whatever reason. Great help! It now works as I expected.
  14. Thank you very much. Activating multicast in my router was the key. For all FritzBox users out there: Multicast works if "Optimize for IP TV" is checked in WLAN channel settings. But now I have the next question: Can I force the instant synchronization of all files, not only the file names? I have a complex directory structure with thousands of files, and I want to sync once at home and carry all files with me to use them offline on the iPad. Sorry, if my question seems stupid, but I don not seem to find the setting.
  15. Hello, I want to sync files between my Mac and my iOS devices without touching the internet. In the Mac client there are optoins to disable relay servers, trackers and to use only the LAN. But if I use these settings, BTsync on my iPad no longer sees the Mac and vice cersa. The iOS App does not provide these settings. Is there a possibility to sync locally with iOS? Please, can anyone help me? RH