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  1. @Remirus , no it did not load the correct profile after shutting it down correctly. It always creates a new user folder in the storage_path folder.
  2. I am running sync on a number of boxes (Ubuntu 14.04), all with the exact same configuration, which you can see here - Recently on one of my laptops, it is asking for a new identity when I visit the webGUI. If I do, it creates a new identity in the storage_path folder where the original .SyncUser is. Is there any way to specify to use the current .SyncUser folder that is in the storage_path folder, rather than try and create a new one?
  3. Thank you @RomanZ! That pointed me in the right direction to get it working. For anyone else looking at this, here is what I did: Disclaimer - I'm not a linux expert, so use at your own risk. 1. Removed /etc/init.d/btsync to prevent auto-start 2. Created .btsync folder in user home folder 3. Created storage_path folder in .btsync folder 4. Copied /etc/btsync/user_config.json and /var/run/btsync/ to .btsync folder 5. Edited user_config.json as follows: { "listening_port" : 0, "storage_path" : "/home/USER/.btsync/storage_path/", "pi
  4. What additional files do you need the change in order to make btsync run as a different user? BTSYNC_USER=btsync The above shows in /etc/init.d/btsync. I have tried this change as well, but doesn't do it.
  5. I'm pulling my hair out here. I updated to 2.3.3 to use the new encrypted folders. The set up is quite a bit different, since it doesn't appear to have the dpkg option where you can select the user it runs under. I can get it to launch as user btsync, but cannot for the life of me get the btsync user to access the second hdd on my computer. I have added btsync to my user group that has access, added read/write privileges, everything. It won't even drill past /media/USER/ when trying to add a folder from the web gui, and manually entering a directory says it doesn'