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  1. Thanks Helen for your reply. The btsync application on FreeBSD is behind a firewall and within a jail. Despite I redirect incoming traffic on both ports (sync, webui) and allow all outgoing tcp/udp traffic the reconnect won't work. There seems to be something missing for the pf firewall settings (redirect, or something else). I also sent an email, so I got a ticket #41051. As soon as I got my passwort I will provide the logs and a more detailed description on the FreeBSD setup. Thank you so much. John
  2. Hi, there seems to be a small problem when OSX awakes from Sleep. BitTorrent Sync won't reconnect to the predefined host I configured. But If I restart the application it reconnects without any problems. OSX environment: Version 2.3.3 1 predefined host Disabled UPnP Disabled tracker Disabled relay Predefined Host environment (no NAS) FreeBSD 10.2 Version 2.3.1 Disabled UPnP Disabled tracker Disabled realy Thanks. John sync.log