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  1. Thanks Helen. I've removed and re-added the folder, and it seems to be working now. What I suspect is that since the latest update, for some unknown reason the BitSync has been entirely unable to write anything files to the SD card. Had to remove and re-add all folders, and hopefully this is now working again. If not, will have to down-grade my Android version. Also, when adding folders in the latest Android App using the QR code, the target location is set to: SD:///'FOLDERNAME', which promptly results in a 'directory not found' upon sync start. The only way around this at the
  2. Hi there, I'm having the same issues. Empty directories, files set a 0kb on target drives (selective sync is OFF, IgnoreList untouched with no apparent reference to non-syncing files). Have the latest versions for both Mac client (2.3.3) and Android (2.3.5) - all worked fine on previous versions. Files are non in use on my Mac before syncing, and show up in my history as 'added' thus this should work fine, but for some reason it doesn't. Can anyone help?